Trip to Melbourne

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Memorable Melbourne
From the minds of two crazy people​

A big shout out to all the travel lovers out there! Dwarakesh here. I am a QA Analyst working in Sydney for the past one year. I have been married to this wonderful girl, Ranganayaki Raghavan for 3 years now. Our wanderlust would not allow us to stay long in one spot. So we always find some excuse or the other to travel given the slightest chance.
Our recent endeavor was to Melbourne. What was the excuse this time? Well, let’s just skip that for now :p.That’s how I started planning for the Melbourne getaway. And guess what? My most favorite part of any trip is to sketch the travel plan.

Melbourne at a glimpse:

Melbourne is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities located in the state of Victoria, Australia. It is approximately 880 kilometers away from Sydney and is reachable by all modes of transportation (Roadways, Airways and Seaways). One considerable fact about while making your travel plan to Melbourne is that, all the tourist attractions will be present in different directions and therefore you need to travel by road to reach them all. Based on initial research, I came to know about a couple of places which are “must visits” that I need to consider before I start with the travel plan.

  • Melbourne City
  • Great ocean drive
  • 12 Apostles
  • The Grampians
  • Phillip Island
  • Yarra Valley
  • Puffing Billy Railway in Belgrave
  • Gold mines in the city of Bendigo
  • Peninsula Hot Springs
  • Brighton Beach ,to name a few.

Pardon me if I have missed some :p . As soon as we saw the long list we realised that everything cannot be covered in a period of 5 days (Based on our leave plans, we decided on 5 days, no other reason :)) and therefore, we had to leave out on some of the places.

And the plan began..

Once the rough plan was done , we started with the full scale plan. To save time, since we are going to be there only for 5 days, we decided to travel only by road or take a flight. By road, it would take around 12 hours to reach the destination and the cost per person (PP) would be around 35$ to 40$. If it’s a non-peak season, there are really good offers to grab. By air, it would take a little more than an hour. When we were looking for flights, we were able to book a return trip for an amount of 384$ for two people. It was comparatively cheap to the peak season when ticket costs will go upto even 150$ to 200$ PP, based on the demand. Melbourne has two airports, One is Tullamarine which is the primary airport of Melbourne. It is comparatively nearer (20 kms approx) to Melbourne City. And the second one is in Avalon, a small and developing airport an hour away(60 kms approx) from the city. Based on our budget, we booked our tickets in such a way that we will land in Avalon airport and will depart from Tullamarine. Sydney to Melbourne is one of the busiest air routes and you will definitely have flights every hour (Or once in 2 hours at least).
Since we wanted to make the most of our 5 days, we made sure we started early in the morning from Sydney and left late evening from Melbourne. We were lucky enough to find flights that fit our plan in a single airline itself.
So our plan till now, looked like this-

23rd NovSaturdayStart to Melbourne
24th NovSunday
25th NovMonday
26th NovTuesday
27th NovWednesdayDepart from Melbourne

Accommodation plan! Our home for the next 5 days

Now that the travel tickets were taken care of, the next big thing about any trip is to book accommodation since it will always be in demand. Our plan was such that we would need to stay 2 days in the city, 1 day on the great ocean road and one day to relax somewhere near the beach (After all the main part of a tour is to have a relaxed stay right!).
I always book my rooms in since they have a wide range of hotels irrespective of the location and many hotels have an advance reservation option without making a payment. But this time I was not able to find many options. (In Australia, I always prefer to spend 80$ per night for a private bedroom and bathroom). So I thought I would use Airbnb (it was my first time). Airbnb is a site where several people will rent out part of their own house for tourists to stay. My priority was to stay as close to the city centre as possible so that I don't have to travel to tour inside the city. Secondly, any place near a bus stop or tram station so that we can commute easily.
After a bit of searching, I found an exact place that suited my needs. It was a room with a shared bathroom in an area called Port Melbourne (I didn't even know what Port Melbourne was at that point in time) which was approximately 10 minutes in the tram. The Tram Station was around 400 meters away from the place we stayed at. So.. Voila! We were sorted for the first 2 nights and costed us around 146$.

Next one was a bit difficult to decide since I needed to book a stay on the Great Ocean road. A bit of background about the great ocean road- it's one of the most famous historic and scenic drives in Australia where you can enjoy the view of the majestic mountains on one side and the soothing ocean on the other. We will look into it in detail in the upcoming sections :).
Our plan was to stay in a place that will let us have a relaxed drive covering all the scenic viewpoints all along, ending with the sunset at the 12 apostles and the next day, we would return to Melbourne city.

We had quite a few towns like Princetown, Port Campbell, Apollo Bay which were to be visited, among which we needed to select. Based on our budget and how much we will be able to drive down by car (I kept a good amount of time as buffer considering the various factors like weather, the car condition, road etc).
We found a cute little motel called the Port Campbell Guesthouse & Flash Packers (Name of motel also has name of the place in it :p) for 115$ per night. Yes, it was a little above our budget but hey we can’t always find what we want right?

We wanted our final accommodation to have a balcony so that we can sit on the balcony enjoying the sea breeze and the sound of the waves, drinking a glass of wine while watching the sun set below the horizon, waking up late in the morning and having a nice tv to watch a movie together all huddled together :). I started hunting for a place around Melbourne CBD where we can rent a studio apartment near the sea shore.
Airbnb came to our rescue and gave us the perfect choice . We booked a studio apartment with a seaside balcony in a place called Mt Eliza, Mornington peninsula (It was 70 kms away from Melbourne CBD) . They were kind enough to charge 110$ for such a beautiful studio apartment (at least from the pictures it looked very beautiful :p). Having booked all our stays, our travel plan looked like this-

23rd NovSaturdayStart to Melbourne, Stay at port melbourne
24th NovSundayStay at Port Melbourne
25th NovMondayStay at Port campbell
26th NovTuesdayStay at Mornington Peninsula
27th NovWednesdayDeparture from Melbourne

Sightseeing Plan
After the stay and the travel was sorted, we started to plan on where to go and what we can see. Based on our interest and time we charted out a rough plan.

Melbourne City Tour-
Since we would be a little tired on the day we landed we thought of not travelling much for sightseeing on the first day. So we decided we will just walk through (or maybe tram through :p) the city of Melbourne. Melbourne City has a number of places to see but among them must see places were Crown mall, Eureka skydeck, Art Street, Federation Square, Melbourne Cricket Ground(MCG), Melbourne art gallery and Queen Victoria Market for all those who love shopping. All these places were in and around 5km radius and are easily accessible by tram and hence we didn't make a detailed plan on which one to see first.

Plan to City of Gold :
There was a tough competition in our minds whether to see Grampian or City of Bendigo on the second day. They both had equally good reviews but we selected Bendigo for the following reasons - Bendigo is one of the cities in the state of Victoria with huge gold deposits. What we can do there is ofcourse not purchasing gold nuggets for cheap rates but we had a chance to see how a gold mine would be, how miners work inside and experience the miners' lives. We thought it would be a unique experience to go hundreds of meters inside our earth and explore. Another reason was that Bendigo is approximately 155 kms away from Melbourne (comparatively closer than Grampians to Melbourne ). We had a direct train from Melbourne to Bendigo. Keeping in mind our next 2 days of a long drive, we thought we will make this day slightly a leisure one.

The main attraction in Bendigo are the gold mines. On quick research on the web, we were able to figure out that they have made Central Deborah gold mine as a heritage site and it was open to the public to experience their beauty. Apart from the basic things like Museums, they also offered packages like Mining adventure (upto 85 feet below surface) and the best 9 levels of darkness (upto 220 feet approximately below the surface). I didn't find more reviews about the latter and hence we decided to go with the mining adventure package. Apart from gold mines we also had talking tram service. We booked a combo of these two packages for 93$ PP from Bendigo tourism page itself. Apart from these two, we had a beautiful sacred cathedral church, Chinese temple and a park as well to visit in Bendigo. We booked the mining package for the afternoon session so that we can finish the rest by morning and can return to Melbourne by 7 pm on the second day.

The Great Ocean Drive :
Nobody will miss a blissful drive in the Great Ocean Road (GOR) if they are going to visit Melbourne. Great Ocean Road is an Australian National Heritage listed 243-kilometre (151 mi) stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford. On doing a bit of research we came to know there were a number of scenic spots along GOR and that it cannot be completed in a single day . So we planned it in such a way that we will ride one whole day covering all scenic points and in the end of our day we would see the sunset view at 12 apostles (12 apostles is a must visit scenic point in GOR and for more details you can go through this link), stay at Port Campbell which was 10 kms away, cover a few more spots along GOR and finally return to Melbourne(for which we need at least 6 hours, I don’t prefer to drive in the night) . There are actually more scenic spots that you will not be able to cover in a day. So we handpicked all the spots that we wanted to see. Our plan was looking something like-

23rd NovSaturdayStart to Melbourne, Tour Melbourne City, Stay at port Melbourne
24th NovSundayStart to city of Bendigo, Return to Melbourne, Stay at Port Melbourne
25th NovMondayDrive in GOR,Finish 12 apostles , Stay at Port campbell
26th NovTuesdayReturn to City
27th NovWednesdayDepart from Melbourne

We thought it would be good if we cover The London Bridge, the grotto, and the Bay of Islands the next day so that the travel will be equal in terms of kms covered (well almost equal).

Mornington Peninsula :
Since we had a tight schedule for the first 3 days, we thought of slowing down on the 4th(of course after a long drive to Melbourne) and 5th day. So our main plan for the 5th day was to simply sit and enjoy our stay, drive to Melbourne to return the rented car and finally reach the airport. Also if you look at the map to see where Morning Peninsula is located, it will be on the right side of Melbourne. Whereas, we were to be driving from far left where GOR and 12 apostles were located. So we needed to cross Melbourne and drive another 50 kms to reach this place. (it's going to be a longggg drive..)

After all this, our plan took a pretty good shape and it was looking like this -

23rd NovSaturdayStart to Melbourne, Tour Melbourne City, Stay at port Melbourne
24th NovSundayStart to city of Bendigo, Return to Melbourne, Stay at Port Melbourne
25th NovMondayDrive in GOR,Finish 12 apostles , Stay at Port campbell
26th NovTuesdayReturn to Melbourne and Drive to our studio and stay at Mornington Peninsula
27th NovWednesdayDepart from Melbourne

Finding a Car:
Now that all of our plans were finalised, one factor which remained a mystery was renting a car. Our requirements were very simple

  • The rental place has to be near our place of stay so that we don't have to wander much with our luggage
  • The car has to be compact since we were just two and it will be easier to drive
  • For 3 days I was ready to spend around 150$ apart from the fuel.

So our hunt began again, this time for all car rentals. It's very easy to find a car here but satisfying all my conditions, especially the 3rd one was quite difficult. All major car rentals like Euro car, Hertz and Thrifty were renting out big SUVs which were coming around 300 to 400$. Days passed by and we got a little tense since we were yet to book one. We found a comparatively better deal in Euro car for around 250$. We were about to book and that is when we came across Advance car rental. They seemed like a local player in Melbourne and they offered Toyota Yarris (most compact of them all) for 113$ for 3 days (well below my budget) and it was around 30 minutes from my place in the bus. All my conditions were well satisfied but I was a little hesitant to go with it because I didn't get a proper review from any of my friends who had visited Melbourne before. Still we thought we would give it a try and we were happy that we made that decision later :) .

Our Food Supplies :
Now that all the major planning was done, we were patiently waiting for the day of travel. We are vegetarians, so if we go outside we have to survive either with subway or chips (Frenchfries) and veggie burgers. It was very difficult because travel requires a lot of energy to walk and explore. So we came up with our own solution. We already had a rice cooker which we took along in the check-in luggage (I know it is crazy but it served our purpose). We also took raw rice, half baked chapati and readymade sabzi like Pav Bhaji Masala, Dal Makhani, Paneer Butter Masala, Pongal and sambar rice. We can get all these in any indian shop and it would cost only around 3$ each. We also got oats and muesli for breakfast, some indian snacks and sweets (Yes our check in luggage will always be full of food :p ). All fresh items like Milk (For mixing up oats or muesli), Bread(for breakfast) can be bought from any nearby supermarket from the place of your stay.
Also we came to know that Melbourne is a place where you can get nice food for a cheaper rate. Since we didn’t focus much on dining we didn't think much about it and felt free to try out :).

The T(ravel) Day :

Finally, the day of our trip came. Since it was a morning flight, we had to wake up early in the morning. Fear of oversleeping wasn’t there because the excitement didn’t allow us to sleep the previous night :p. We hardly had 4 hours of sleep. We woke up by 4.30 am, just had a glass of milk and started. We had easy access to the train station and so we took the train to the airport (Cheaper transportation as well :p) .

We reached the airport ahead of schedule. Since it was domestic we didn't have much of a wait. We had a good amount of time before boarding the aircraft. It was less than an hour’s flight to Melbourne and we reached Avalon airport around 10.00 am. All other things like baggage claim took us an extra half an hour to reach the outside gate.

Outside of Avalon Airport

Since Avalon is a developing airport, we could see only some domestic flights and not a very busy atmosphere. On coming outside we found a self serve kiosk of Skybus. A bit of background on Skybus- It is one of the most reliable airport bus services in Melbourne . It is the cheapest form of transport as well . It cost us only 24$ PP to reach Melbourne city while the taxi fare was more than 100$. If you are going to Melbourne I would definitely recommend Skybus for airport transfers. More information can be gathered from the Skybus website. It took us another 1 hour to reach Melbourne CBD and they dropped us at a place called Southern Cross station.

First Look of Melbourne Skyline

Outside of Southern Cross station (Where we got dropped off)

First thing we grabbed was a myki card , which acts as your ticket while going on the tram. It can be bought in any convenience store like 711. It can be topped up in the same place or online. Since we were not sure about how much we were going to use we got two myki cards with 20$ in it. We already had an idea of how to reach our place of stay. It was 5 stops away from the Southern Cross station on the Port Melbourne route. So we boarded the tram, after a little walk we reached.

Tram that we need to board ,Some of trams were a little old but still they did their job :)

Our First Stay:
The house in which we were going to stay was located in a nice and peaceful residential area. Our host already gave us all instructions on how to come in case he was not there. But luckily he was present when we knocked on the door. He let us in and gave us all basic instructions on how to use the house and appliances. It was a cute, compact, well furnished house with a hall, kitchen, restroom and a bedroom(where we were going to stay). He had a kind of retractable stairs which led to the 1st floor. We guess it should be his bedroom. The bathroom was meant to be shared but during our entire stay we didn't have any kind of trouble waiting to use it. We had a waterbed so it was kind of jiggly when we sat on it. At first it wasn't comfortable but later we got used to it.

View of our hall room

Heritage on outside but modern on inside :p (Heating Unit)

Off to the city!

The early morning start made us a little tired so we took a rest for some time. Predicting the state in which we were going to be in, we already prepared nice chapatis and sabzi on the previous day. So we had a nice lunch and around 3 we started to go to the city.

One good thing about Australia in summer (yes, in Australia November to February is summer) is that the days are longer and there is daylight till 8.30 pm in the night so we had solid 4.5 hrs to enjoy the city. We got down near the crown mall, walked all the way to Eureka skydeck which was our first destination.

Few of our clicks on the way to Eureka Skydeck

The Beautiful view of Yarra river

Eureka skydeck is one of the tallest skyrise in Melbourne. They have a viewing deck at the top which is allowed for visitors. It will cost you around 28 dollars PP to enter inside. If not for the view, one must go at least for the edge experience. They have designed it in such a way that one column of the building will completely move 3 meters out of the building. The entire column will be of glass (including the floor) and you will get a different experience. It was worth the money (you need to pay an extra 12$ PP for the Edge experience).

View of Melbourne from Skydeck

After taking a lot of pictures and viewing all parts of Melbourne, we then started to street arts.You will see a lot of graffiti on both sides of the streets painted by street artists. Hosier Lane opposite to Federation Square is one such street where you can see those beautiful Graffiti works.

View of Hosier Lane

One of my favourite Heroes , Bruce Lee

Then we passed through Federation Square (nothing much to view there), then to MCG or Melbourne Cricket Ground. I am not much of a cricket fan so we just stood outside and had a look. But there are guided tours available in which they will tell you about its historical significance and take you inside the stadium. Finally we went to Crown Casino, one of the biggest in Australia itself. It was a huge building with lots of poker tables, 21 black Jack, poker machines and others. We knew about our luck so we just observed how it works, had a nice coffee and came out. By the time we finished it was already 8pm so we started to shop for some groceries and returned to our room.

Like I said earlier we will prepare our own food so we prepared dinner with bread and olive spread and also for tomorrow’s lunch it was rice and tamarind paste.

Yummy Dinner that we did :)

Travel to Bendigo :
As per our plan, our next destination was Bendigo city. Since it was a 2 hour trip and they had limited services (3 services I guess), we planned to start early in the morning. We caught the 8am train, it wasn’t so crowded and the seats were comfortable enough to have a good journey for the next 2 hours.

Day 2 Sunkissed early in the morning (Sun’s out early too :p )

Start of Bendigo Travel from Melbourne city

We reached Bendigo by 10.00 am. It was a peaceful little town where people were always so polite and smiling. We first went to Bendigo visiting centre where we got an introduction about where to start and what to do. We then walked through its streets and then into a park which was so beautiful that we started to spend more time there. It had a kind of dense forest on one side and it gradually turned into a beautiful grassland as we walked towards the other end. We took a relaxed walk inside, clicking pictures and lazing around.

Bendigo Visiting Centre

A view of Beautiful Forest

This was supposed to be candid :p

We then moved towards Sacred Heart cathedral which was 650 or 700 meters away from the park. It was one of the largest churches in Australia and 3rd largest in Melbourne. It was really a majestic structure towering 70 or 80 meters above ground. We just explored the pictures and architecture inside. There were functions going on one side of the church. We were wondering what that could be and that's when a sweet old couple explained to us that it was the Baptism ceremony and explained in detail. They were so patiently answering all our questions and we had a conversation.

Sacred Heart cathedral

Inside Hall of Church

Our new best friends (Sweet Old couple)

By the time we finished exploring the sacred heart church it was around 2 pm in the afternoon and we were starving. So we were looking for a suitable spot to eat and thankfully we found a shady spot with a nice wooden table near the church itself. We had our lunch (the one we prepared the previous day) and started our main agenda for the day, the mining adventure.

Lunch Time :)

Central Deborah gold mine was another 650 to 700 meters away from the church and we slowly walked to the place (Yes we walked a lot on that day). We spoke to the reception about our experience and they were kind enough to acknowledge and tell us that we got another 45 mins before they begin our trip. They had a good museum which allowed us to pass those 45 minutes. Since it was an actual mine which was turned into a museum they had actual rooms which were used for various purposes like the miners changing room, Gold panning room, Quartz cushing room etc. We were very much interested in panning where you can get actual gold particles (Oh it was very tiny) from sand. We hardly got some gold and while we were panning we just got an alert through the room speaker that our guide was ready. Feeling bad at our luck (or rather our skills) for not finding any gold particles we went to reception.

While nearing our reception itself we were greeted by a man with a pleasant face. He introduces himself as Nathan and told us that he will be our guide for the next 2.5 hours. He gave us some miner’s clothes, helmet with a torch and all other necessary stuff. We then proceeded to the mine entrance.

Real Miners

We were going through a big elevator which was taking us down deep into the earth about 60 feet. From what he said we came to know every mine will have levels like floors in buildings. We were going through the elevator to level 2. While we reached we just could not believe that we were below tons and tons of rocks . We were looking at tunnels everywhere except for no natural light. They have managed to get electricity to some of the places but apart from that our helmet torch was the only ray of hope in the dark. He started off with basics like how they will find where gold will be, Miners terms, all the trucks and rails (Metal thing which was used to transport rocks to surface), how gold will be refined from rocks etc. We went through various parts of level 2 then descended to level 3 through a set of ladders .

A Real Miners work :p

Wonder how will i fit in that space

Level 3 seemed to be darker than the previous level . We then passed through more tunnels and finally we came to a place where they allowed us to drill the earth . It was so tough to even hold the drill since it was vibrating so much but it was indeed an exciting experience.

From Deepest point (that we travelled) on earth with our guide

That's how a mine look without head lamp (Not a faulty picture)

We then moved back to level 2 where we had a nice miners lunch. It was a customized bread stuffed with vegetables on one side (Non veg was also available) and an apple pie on the other. It was so filling that we thought of not having anything for the next 2 hours. By the time we finished exploring the mines, it was already 4.30 pm and the last tram from the mines had started. We were scratching our heads on how to get to the station but Nathan was kind enough to drop us off at the station on his way home. That's how our second day in Melbourne came to an end.

3rd Day ,the Great Ocean Drive

It was time for us to pack up from Melbourne City. We started around 9.30 in the morning and took a bus to advance car rentals, the place where we are going to get our rental car from. Thanks to them our car stood ready washed and parked outside for us. We finished the paperwork, got some instructions from them and then started. It's been quite a while since I drove a car in Australia and so I was very cautious. In fact I was a little nervous about driving. Thanks to my wife, she navigated me properly inside the city and soon after reaching the motorway (highway) it became normal. It was a 300 km (approx) long drive and we had a number of spots on the way where we spent our leisure time taking pictures and enjoying ourselves. The drive by itself is one of the best things that happened that day with mountains to your right and the sea on the left. The speed will be limited to 70 kmph since it was only a two lane road but you will have amazing sceneries.

The Drive that we took

Our Chariot (Toyota Yaris) for next 3 days

Our 1st Stop , Point Addis

2nd Stop , Memorial Arch at Eastern View

3rd Stop , Teddy’s Lookout

4th Stop, Marriners Lookout Rd

Our 5th Spot was a very famous one. Its 12 Apostles. Basically these are Limestone rocks which got eroded for millions of years by the ocean and got this structure. Sunset at 12 Apostles is very famous and we planned our drive in such a way that we will reach 12 Apostles by sunset. It was a bliss to watch. We spent quite some time there and visited one more sight before we turned into Port Campbell where we booked our stay.

5th Stop , 12 Apostles

6th Stop , The Razorback

Port Campbell is a small town which is located at a distance of 11 kms from 12 Apostles. It has few motels for travellers which can be booked online. We decided that travelling 270 km and returning on the same day will be tiresome and hence we booked a room in Port Campbell Flashpackers. It's basically a 4 bedroom house which they have converted into a motel so it felt more like a home than a motel .

My Wife is more interested about kitchen always :p

4th Day , Travel to Mornington Peninsula

Great Ocean Road has a number of spots and it is not possible to cover so much even in 2 days. So we had to make plans in such a way that we had to stop at some point and needed to return to the city. We planned to visit three more spots that day and then return to Mornington Peninsula which is located on the other side of the city. Our plan for the day looked something like below

4th Day , Travel Plan

1st Spot The London Bridge

2nd Spot , The Grotto

3rd Spot, Bay of Island

This was the final spot that we visited. We took a U turn from here and then started towards the city. From there, we needed to travel approximately 315 kms to Mornington Peninsula where we have booked our final stay. We started around 11 am in the morning from Bay of Island. We didn't take the Great Ocean road, instead we took the A1 motorway which was much faster. We just took one stop for lunch and we drove directly to Melbourne City and then it was a trip of another 70 kms before we reached our destination.

It was a proper residential area away from all traffic and crowd of the city. It looked exactly like what we had expected. It's a studio apartment with a balcony facing the sea. The hall was so so huge with a cozy “L” shaped sofa in the middle, a huge tv with insane collections of all films and series. Surely it will take at least a year or more just to see all those films. They had a good collection of cutlery as well in the kitchen and a snooker board too. The Balcony had a proper wooden table with chairs for spending our time leisurely, talking and having our morning coffee. It also had beach chairs just to relax under the sun's warmth. It was like heaven for us to relax for that day.

The Cozy Sofa

View from the Balcony

Thats me pretending to be casual

The only thing that was not there in our studio was a microwave. We survived all our tours only with it since all our ready-made foods need a microwave to cook it. However our host, they were a british couple, was kind enough to let us use theirs. We even had casual conversations where we spoke about cricket, Indian foods and many more. In fact they became so close that they said we can leave whenever we want the next day (Our check out was by 11 am). That was so sweet and thoughtful of them.

A Pic with them :)

After a relaxing morning of watching Harrypotter and Sorcerer's stone we started around 1pm for our final leg of our journey. We had only one thing left to do which was to get a magnet from Melbourne to add to our collection. We decided that we will directly leave the car at the airport. We drove from our place to the southern cross station where we had a nice and hot lunch from a vegetarian restaurant. It was so yummy but we didn't have enough time to eat properly. Surprisingly the food even in the centre of melbourne was so cheap compared to Sydney.

We then drove to the centre of the city and we went crazy searching for a souvenir shop and finally we found one that had a nice collection of magnets. Since it was the city centre it was a little bit of a struggle for us to drive (We even took few wrong turns and some of them costed us more than 30 mins just to reach the same spot) but thankfully we reached a little before the scheduled time to the parking lot near the airport.

Waiting for Yummy food

Final Reading of our Trip

We were transported by them for free to the airport (Which was like close to 2 km from the airport) and took our flight to Sydney taking with us sweet memories of the trip.

Some Statistics :

Going on a budget trip will always make you wonder how much we have actually spent on the whole trip. Here are some numbers for you.

Type of ExpenseDescriptionMoney Spent (AUD)
StayMelbourne CBD (2 Days)154
Port Campbell115
Mornington Peninsula110.76
TravelMyki Pass(For tram and train)160
FoodIn approximate125
Souvenir - 64.86
AttractionEureka Skydeck74
Bendigo Mining cave185
Grand Total1566

Mistakes that we do while going to Melbourne:
  • Not carrying a jacket (which we also did). When you are in Melbourne, there is a saying “You can experience all 4 seasons in a single day”. That was absolutely true and we realized only after going there .
  • Driving the Great Ocean road till 12 Apostles and returning in a single day . Please do not do this even if some people recommend the same. We are planning a trip to enjoy and not to get stressed again.
  • Trams inside the city are always free. Only a small section inside the City is free of cost and if you are going to get down outside of the region you need to tap in and tap off your myki card for sure. Hefty fines are waiting for those who make this mistake.

Well that's it folks! Hope you enjoyed reading my travelogue. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] for any queries or to leave any feedback. We will be back shortly to add to our travelogue.

Until then Goodbye and God bless.


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Wow! Such a detailed travelogue right from planning to the trip expenses to the places. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Great job :)

AR Ardent Rambler

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Your travelogue has provided us all with detailed information of in and around Melbourne. This is very good for first or second time traveler to Melbourne. Your pictures are colorful and lively. I have not taken the Great Ocean Drive yet. I will have an opportunity to do the same early next year.