Trip to Sikkim(Total 5500km trip)


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Hello friends,
My name is Manoj Kumar. I am from Rajasthan. I work for central govt. and posted at Guwahati, Assam. i have classic 350 BSVI bike for complete my riding profession. this trip was my first longest bike trip . my route was Guwahati-Rajasthan-Sikkim-Guwahati.

Day-1 (08 Oct 22) Guwahati to Darbangha

My journey start at 3:30 AM from Guwahati Airport. after 40 km my bike headlight relay blown:-(. i am not able to see anything on road due to night. i drive my bike with help of other vehicle light. thankfully in North East sunrise at 5:30 AM. now i have no problem for take my speed up to 80-90 kmph. approx 10 in the morning i reached at Bagdogra ,West Bangal. there i have changed my head light relay and take road side assistant from R/Enfield showroom which help me for brake down of vehicle on road. at 12 in noon i enter in Bihar bordar. from there i got very bad road condition approx 100 km. in Bihar there is no place to take lunch on the way. so i decide to not take lunch and continue my journey for my destination. in between i take only tea and biscuit. at 6 in the evening i reached at Darbangha. i decided to not drive bike in night and decided to stay at Darbangha. i found a hotel near the highway. i finish my day 1 journey at Darbangha. its approximately 890km from Guwahati Airport. (Day-1 total 890 km)

Day-2(09 Oct 22) Darbangha to Lucknow

Day-2 journey start at 8 in the morning with complete m breakfast. on this day my journey was such boring because the plan road. in the evening about 4 o clock rain was started. at this time i am 40 km away from my next destination. i was not stop and ride was continue . at 6 in the evening i reached at outside the Lucknow and decide to stay out side of city. (Day-2 tatal 600 km)

Day-3(10 Oct 22) Lucknow to Home

At morning 8 o clock i wanted to start my next day bike trip but there is heavy rain in the morning. i was waiting for stop the rain for my trip. its 11 o clock but rain was continue .so i decided to start my journey in rain. i put my rain coat and a plastic bag on shoe due to i have not shoe rain cover:-D. at 11:15 AM my trip was started. there is heavy rain in Lucknow. at 12 in noon i reached the starting point of Agra Lucknow Express Way which is Approx 300 km long. on the way there is only to resting point on Express way which is first 50 km and last 60 km . in the evening 8 o clock i reached at home (Sikar , Rajasthan) (Day-3 total 750 km)

Stay at home upto 29 Oct 22 . take Diwali celebration at home.

Next trip start on 29 oct 22 onward

Day-1(29 Oct 22) Home to Lucknow
Day-2(30 Oct 22) Lucknow to Darbangha
Day-3(31 Oct 22) Darbangha to Gangtok

In the evening of 31 Oct 22 i went on MG Marg for take a look of beauty of night of Gangtok and apply for permit for my next destination. next day i visited all gangtok and see there beauty . i got my permit on 01 Nov 22 night.
02 Nov 22 in the morning 8 o clock i start my journey to nathula pass(14500ft from sea leavel) and come back my hotel at Gangtok. next day going to Lachen and stay there. on that day temp of Lachen is -2. next day my trip is from Lachen to Gurudongmar lake (17800ft from sea level) and come bake to Gangtok in night. next day from gangtok to Guwahati and finish my journey. some pictures are below:-




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Very nice photos. I have always wished to visit the eastern states and I will one day for sure. Everytime i see pics from these states, i start getting bubbles that I need to do. But thank you for the pics