Trip to yamunotri and then a road less travelled...


Day 2 :- 18th july.
Part 1 :- till barkot.
So we woke up around 6:30 with the soothing path in the gurudwara and hymn of satnam waheguru. As we had to use the community toilets and bathroom so we started getting ready , as we didn't have a tooth paste so we had to arrange for one , there are enough shops of essentials in the gurudwara compound itself which are even open till late and in early morning, after getting ready it was already 7:20 , we were quite on track with the plan to start out at 8:00 ,
We went to the sanctum sanctorum to pay our respect to the guru and seek blessings for the journey ahead . We had the amazing halwa and scrumptious langar prasad as breakfast along with tea.
We bid adieu to the gurudwara paonta sahib and started ahead at 8:15, just on time.
The destination for today was yamunotri , while driving till janki chatti which was roughly 175kms , going through herbertpur, dakpatthar , naingaon , barkot.
After crossing the town the journey ahead was along the perennial yamuna river which was flowing in its full valour indicating why we call her maa yamuna containing this pristine water. We started out on NH7 which goes all the way till mana pass, but we left that adventure for another day and bifurcated a few kms later on chakrata road which passes through assan barrage bird sanctuary and along yamuna river . It's a dense forest for the first few kms.
At herbertpur we took a left and started on nh507 , from herbertpur there were about 25-30kms of plains passing through vikas nagar , dak patthar and finally dumet, which is sangam of tons river(whom we will meet at a later stage ) and yamuna river .
The weather was overcast here and it started drizzling but stopped after 10 mins.
Hills start on one side of the road after here till kata patthar where we cross a tributary of maa yamuna and finally start out the real journey through the yamuna valley. I particularly chose this route over the rishikesh mussoorie to explore the complete yamuna valley and also to avoid the traffic at mussoorie.
The route starts out in the narrow yamuna valley which widens as one progresses deeper into the valley , the initial 10-20 kms are through dense forests and the roads are extremely winding and quite narrow at places with only space for two vehices to pass with a small margin but the traffic too is light on the route.the road is winding till about yamuna pul where the road coming from mussoorie merges , there was also a massive hydro power project under construction before yamuna pul.After yamuna pul the road widens a bit and further road widening work is going on at places . After those winding roads I started feeling a bit drowsy and dad also needed a small break so after about some 40 kms we reached damta and stopped for some tea, we observed that most places in these areas serve a very small portion for tea which for us delhites doesn't even give the feel of having tea, as it's over as soon as you start it.
Anyhow if you ever pass through the area you will find that almost everyone has a kind of kitchen garden from where they source some freshest of ingredients.
So after the short break it was already 10:45 we were moving almost as per plan. The roads were good all the way and we cruised through the beautiful yamuna valley carving it's way through the lower Himalayas it was the feeling I had longed for , those amazing mountains and we breezing past them on that smooth tarmac in the amazing amaze.
On that road it took us about an hour to cover 42 kms from damta to barkot with a small traffic jam at naugaon.
We reached barkot at 12 noon.
There is a parking problem in barkot and the police will challan you if you park on roadside just like that, we cautiously parked and went for a little stroll in the market and bought some local produce of rajma , the bean was a bit smaller in size than the usual rajma we get in delhi and quite small from the bhaderwahi rajma that I got earlier in Feb from bhaderwah but still tasted really good. I have a thing, I always get some local produce from where ever I go.
BARKOT is a small himalayan city with quite a hustle bustle at its main Square but a distinct beauty of sitting in a very wide valley and a calm and pristine atmosphere created by the Himalayas . The town sits on the edge of middle Himalayas and eyes at the greater Himalayas.


Great Day !
Great Miles !
Great Route !
Great Views !
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Where is image of small Rajma Bean for comparison ?