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After my Bangladesh plan got cancelled i was in the world of confusion where I should head.
Already i had booked ticket for Agartala in Spice Jet.
So i settled my mind to move inside North East.And my source place would be Agartala.
I had planned for Tripura > Mizoram > Manipur > Nagaland and a bit of Assam.

16th December i left for Bangalore airport early as flight was scheduled at 9.30 AM.
Badluck flight was 3 hours late.








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Flight took off at 12.30 PM next stop was Hyderabad and another was Kolkata which came around 4.45 PM once taken off from Kolkata it was completely dark it was not even 5 PM
The guy sitting by my side Dipankar showed me some light deep down and told me that we are flying over Bangladesh.
Huh Finally landed in Agartala.. it was darkest. I had pre booked Ginger Hotel which is said to be the best hotel in Agartala.. And yeah it did not disappointed me.



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1st picture is Agartala Bus stand

2nd one is my hotel Ginger hotel best hotel in Agartala

3rd one is Tripura Puppy

4th one is the pride of Tripura.It has a long story .i swear i will let you know if you are interested.

last one is the awesome lunch i tried almost all the fish dishes.. it was really mouth watering,, Price was too low.
i must suggest try Adarsh Hotel for lunch.Small one but very good at fishes

John Mathai

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It is raining time of NE travelogues in BCMT... :eek:
Nice start and pictures, loved the detailed narration as well. :)
Eagerly waiting to read the "Pride of Tripura" story in detail.


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Pride of tripura story :

When Moguls tried to attack Tripura kingdom Tripura king did not have all the technology not even enough soldiers to fight so the witty minister made a plan they created artificial dam on the river surrounding Tripura.When the moguls entered the river with heavily loaded weapons . Tripura soldiers in the mea time broke the dam and all the moguls vanished in the water flow. This tank is the 1st one Tripuris conquered .
Later they modified the tank a lot. And now its placed in a main junction in Agartala to show the pride. :)