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Spending 2000 a night for a double bedded room ! A tourist may spend that much...but a traveller should not.
Very good Travelogue sanuroxz...really enjoyed every part of Tripura...going through your Bhutan..tawang travelogues too...Kudos for travelling lonely and enjoying the unseen parts of NE states..:)..


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I am a Solo Traveler sir.
Everyone has a moto in their trip.
I love to mix up with people judge closely their culture and habit.
Learn something from them. Love to try their good.(Whatever it might be..and es sometime weird).In tripura i tried Turtle meat loads of fishes dry fishes.

Just give me some leaves i am all set to head again. :)


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in 2000 range
Below are the few hotels you can try as well

Hotel Radha International
54 Central Road
tel 2382615
fax 2384530

Welcome Palace
tel 2383380, 2384940

Minakshi Hotel
tel 2385810

Royal Guest House
Palace Compound, West Gate
tel 2225539

Hotel Rajdhani
B.K. Road, Near City Office
tel 2223387, 2226321

Tripura Guest House
Mantribari road
tel 2322794

Rajarshi Yatri Niwas
tel 2201034

Hotel Star
tel 2383611

Hotel Longthorai
tel 2307617