Triumph launches Tiger XRx and XCx in India

Yogesh Sarkar

Triumph Motorcycles today launched Tiger XRx and XCx models in India; these will replace the existing Tiger 800 XC and branch the Tiger range into two; XRx for those who want a road biased adventure tourer and XCx which is more apt for tackling off road trails.

Both the Tigers are powered by a liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder 800cc 4st engine, capable of producing 95PS at 9250rpm and 79Nm of torque at 7850rpm. While the XRx is priced at 11.6 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), XCx is priced at 12.7 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi.)



Other highlights of Triumph Tiger XRx/XCx are:

Ride by Wire (RBW) - enables improved engine control, ensures rider safety, optimizes emissions, lighter throttle action results in smoother power delivery.

Switchable ABS (Antilock Brake System) - maximum confidence and control in any road conditions for rider safety. The ABS can be turned ON or OFF and allows rider to customize their preferences in three advanced Riding Modes.

Triumph Traction Control (TTC) - Riders can configure their traction control preferences in 3 Rider Mode settings. TTC prevents the unexpected spinning of the rear wheel, cutting the engine torque to avoid the loss of lateral grip ensuring maximum confidence and control both on and off road.

Throttle Maps: With an added advantage of 4 different throttle maps, riders can select the optimum setting to meet both riding and weather conditions. The new engine delivers full power with all the maps, but the rider needs a different opening of the throttle to achieve the same response:

  • Rain map - reduces the throttle response and suit wet and slippery situations
  • Road map - represents the standard map, linear and smooth, suiting everyday conditions
  • Sport map - for sharper and quicker response with less throttle twist
  • Off-Road map - optimal throttle response for dirt tracks and unpaved terrains, i.e. off-road attitude

Three Riding Modes - Enables rider to configure the bike as per the terrain at the press of a button. This automatically configures the ABS, Traction Control, and Throttle Maps with the bike still in motion to best tackle the route ahead. There are three modes available:

  • Road setting – automatically sets the ABS, Traction Control, and Throttle Map to ‘ROAD’ setting
  • Off Road setting – automatically sets the ABS, Traction Control, and Throttle Map to “OFF-ROAD”, reducing the ABS and traction control intervention allowing for a level of slip.
  • Programmable rider mode – this is fully configurable and allows the rider to select their chosen settings for ABS, Traction Control, and a choice of 4 x Throttle Maps independently. As an added safety measure, should the rider select a mode that requires ABS or Traction Control to be disabled, then the rider must come to a stop and push the mode button and these features will be deactivated.

Cruise Control: for hassle free and enjoyable long rides, reducing rider fatigue and optimizing fuel consumption at the press of a button.

Trip Computer: Both the models feature trip computers having informative and functional features for rider such as journey time, average speed, average fuel economy, range to empty and instantaneous fuel consumption.


Suspension: While the Tiger XRx model is fitted with Showa 43mm USD fork at the front and Showa mono-shock-170mm rear wheel travel with hydraulically adjustable preload in the rear. The XCx model is fitted with WP front suspension 43mm USD forks with adjustable rebound and compression damping and WP mono-shock-215mm rear wheel travel with remote reservoir with adjustable preload and rebound damping in the rear.

Wheels: Tiger XRx is fitted with light-weight cast aluminium wheels, 17” diameter at the rear and 19”at the front. XCx model feature spoke wheels for better durability on rough terrain with 17” spoke wheel at rear and 21” wheel at front.

Design: The new Tigers have been given a new look with new radiator shroud and tank side panels. These help redirect hot air away from the rider. New Tigers have “Titanium” powder coat finish on the double-tube frame and semi-matt finish on the engine, which seems to gel nicely with the black finish handlebar and wheels. The adjustable rider seat height and handlebar position on the bike gets a large-for-the-class 19 litre fuel tank, a quick-adjust headlight angle lever for 2-up riding, an Auxiliary power socket near the ignition switch and an aluminium sump guard as standard on all models.


Ergonomics: Comfort has been improved with both versions getting changes in geometry designed to reduce weight on the wrists and to increase leg room. Both bikes also have adjustable seats and handlebars for more comfort and one can fit optional low seat to further reduce seat height by 20mm. Weather protection has been improved whilst riding thanks to the combination of the new bodywork which keeps the iconic Triumph ‘raised shoulder’ profile and the new fly screen. On the XRx and XCx the screen is adjustable without tools with both models also receiving newly - designed hand guards to increase rider protection”.

Accessories: Triumph is also planning to launch 70 new accessories for the Tiger twins, this includes things like heated grips and Tri-Tour aluminium structured luggage system. These accessories will be available at Triumph showrooms across India and would also be sold online on Triumph Motorcycles - Devoted to Riding | Triumph Motorcycles.


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It was a pleasure meeting you Yogesh! Hope you guys get the bike to review soon.

Very sharp pictures BTW! :)

Yogesh Sarkar

Thanks Bora, it was great meeting you as well :). This is one motorcycle along with Bonneville, which I would love to test.


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Let me know when... will hook you up.

BTW, this is the review on the new Triumphs, hurriedly written after the ride last November.
Is there any downside to this bike? Any negative reviews so far? I'm really thinking and trying to make up my mind to buy Tiger XCx. It's damn expensive and I don't want to invest money in something which is not worth.

Looking for some genuine help here. Any feedback will be good feedback as it will help me decide.