Tso Moriri

Yogesh Sarkar

Hi guys you have probably seen this photo before, however I went ahead on the suggestion of a photography expert and cropped this photo a little, please let me know which one you think looks better.

Orignal Image

Edited Image


Scorpion King

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Yup looks better.
Infact next time, after u do the focussing u can raise the lens to capture more of the sky to make it look all the more spectacular.

Yogesh Sarkar

The problem with capturing this image was the overcast skies, had I tried to include more sky in this photo it would have overexposed those clouds hovering above the mountains.
Both fotos are same! although the 2nd is more presentable.
but here's what I think, In the photo the exposure is based on the the whole frame, If you have not chosen any particular exposure mode, the camera would use the pattern metering by default, which means the exposure meter will collect data from all parts of the frame to determine the final exposure.

In your original foto, since the bottom part (marsh land) is less exposed to sun than the snowy hills and the blue reflection,when the camera calculated the final exposure,the overall exposure is a bit higher than what needed for the view in the edited (cropped) picture, as a result the shadows are not as pronounced as they should have.

I don't know abt the cam options but , if its possible to zoom in , stop down on EV a bit, you'd endup exposing as you'd have wanted.

But all said, it depends on the situation,available light , colors , reflections, stray light that ,time of the day that has a bearing on the final photo.


In cases as you mentioned where you have two very different subjects in the image where if you frame both, atleast one part will be overexposed and the other underexposed, one can use Neutral Density filter or even better Graduated ND filters. polarising filters in cases where reflections are profound. In this case you may have lower shutter speed to compensate for loss of light!

Another way is to take 2 photos of the same , exposing one part properly in each photo and mix them with PS (multiply option). make syre you use a tripod and take simultaneous shots with different exposures set.

Another soln, if possible, change from pattern to center-weighted/(or if you have Exposure lock choose it )and choose an area that you think will be mean between the two very contrasty areas.

or may be hdr them. (don't want to get into details) :lol:

But keep in mind these are pretty time-consuming for shoot and move ppl :lol:
But for himalayas, at that temperature, fighting all that chill, pain in a$$ its easier said than done :D and the hills look just stupendous in the foto you finally capture !

Yogesh Sarkar

Vicky nice points, however if one uses center weighted exposure mode and the clouds form the high contrast upper portion, then once again the top portion would be over exposed since the camera is setting the exposure according to the low light center portion. Setting a lower EV to compensate for high contrast clouds would end up under exposing the lower portion of the frame.

Using ND filter and in particular Grad ND filters filters should solve this problem and produce some amazing shots, unfortunately this option is only available for SLR?s and DSLR?s. Since I do not have such options for my digi cam I took the easy way out by leaving out sky from the majority of the photograph.

Btw nice point about the multiply option in photoshop, will try and do that. I guess it will be a bit time consuming but worth it.
Guess you din't get the center weighted part, am NOT saying you frame the picture using center average and shoot right away. What am saying is, if possibe, choose an area of the frame that you think will have the right exposure to compensate for the over-exposed and under-exposed areas. lock exposure, re-frame and shoot ! That should give you the exposure you need.so dictate the exposure to the cam that way!

take a look at these -
pattern- http://img134.imageshack.us/img134/5182/dsc6931smallaw2.jpg
center- http://img167.imageshack.us/img167/8454/dsc6932smalljj6.jpg
center- http:/img82.imageshack.us/img82/3060/dsc6933smallcr3.jpg
and one of em center has exp locked on from a diff light source!