Tubeless Tyres for Cars & Bikes


Now after Spokeless Rims coming from Bike Manufacturers are fitted with Tubeless Tyres.
Demand is growing.

Cars were already having Tubeless Tyres.
We can discuss here which tyre is best for what purpose.

Many enquiries were coming to me and other BCMTians about these tyres.
There was not a single thread to discuss about this.

Start giving your opinion here about what do you use and what was your experiences.
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Tubeless Tyre Maintenance :

1. Keep checking tyre pressure every week or on every refill in 7-8 days.
This is must as tyres tend to loose air due to many reasons.
during super chilled winters or super hot summer days, valve can get corrupted and air may leak anytime.
Psi is mentioned in car/bike manufacturer's manual. 30-35 psi air pressure is standard but for heavy cars it can be more.

Those who use Nitrogen, it can be more 5-10 psi than air.

You may have to check tyre for some puncture.
If air pressure is less, at some trench part tyre can bend leading to release compressed air pressure immediately.

2. Occasionally check from outer side only if you can see any metal part may have stuck deep in rubber tread of the tyre.
Take it out carefully so that nothing gets pierced through tyre.

3. They check puncture by putting some foam and checking for air escape routes by tracing bubbles.
This should be done at side of the rim too.
Check valve also for any leak.
If you have nothing at lonely place to check valve problem.
Use saliva to check it. (LOL !)
You can do it on your own.
You may have to do this if you are on a lonely place / country side ride.

4. Puncture kits are easily available online and at Motor Spare Parts / Accessories Shops / Showrooms near you.
This thing can be found anywhere as it is common thing now.

5. Keep a Pump Handy.
There are many pumps
I use manual pump. It worked on my 97cc bike and SUVs also.

6. Choose your tyre carefully initially.
This is most important part and may cost you more than a tyre itself.
There are many examples seen practically by me and with friends.
When someone gets stranded on lonely road or far away from nearest city / shop, expenses can be more than a tyre itself.
Once got delayed and stranded at lonely place with children & ladies at night somewhere on UP / UK Highway.
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Puncture Repair Kit :
Many designs and types are available.
Choose wisely according to your need.
Even if you don't know how to use it can save you much in any emergency situation at odd times / lonely stretches.

How to use Puncture Kit ?

Tyre Puncture Repair Kit Tutorial
•Nov 16, 2018


14.4K subscribers

Fixing a puncture in a tubeless car tyre using a puncture repair kit. This tyre plug kit is generally used as a temporary fix. At the end of the video you can see what the process looks like from inside the tyre. This tyre was flat so It was safe to take the screw out using a screwdriver. If there is air in the tyre, I would recommend getting a good grip on the screw with a pair of pliers and pulling it out.


There are many Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kits available.
Choose according to your need / experience.

Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit

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amiciAuto Puncture Repair
Complete Kit For Car and Bike Complete Tyre Repair Kit With Easy Storage Nylon Black Bag And Extra Strip
Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit

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Autofurnish Tubeless Tyre Puncture Kit Repair Strip (30 Pieces)

by Autofurnish



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Autofurnish Tubeless Tyre Puncture Kit Repair Strip (30 Pieces): Car & Motorbike
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Pump Kit :

Many Pumps are there.

Manual Air Pump:

Hand operated Air Pump

This type of Air pump has best life and made life much better in emergency.
I have used it on bike, car and SUV also without any problem.

Raj Air Top Bicycle Pump For Car,Bicycle,Bikes And Other Vehicle

by Raj Air Top



M.R.P.:₹ 400.00
Price:₹ 229.

Raj Air Top Bicycle Pump For Car,Bicycle,Bikes And Other Vehicle: Car & Motorbike

Air Marshal Heavy Duty With Steel Handle Bicycle, Motorcycle, Car Pump


M.R.P.:₹ 999.00
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  • Air Pump
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  • Reliable performance

Raj Airkraft Chrome High Pressure Car Bike Cycle Sports Ball and Inflatable Furniture/Toys Air Pump
by Raj


M.R.P.:₹ 600.00
Price:₹ 349.00 + 100.00 Delivery charge Details
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Sold by M.R. ENGINEERING (3.7 out of 5 stars | 102 ratings).
  • For car, bikes, bicycles, motorcycles, rafts, baloons basketball, football and other sports balls. Ball and bladder needles included for filling air in sports ball
  • High pressure chrome plated steel air pump with strong stable base
  • Ball and bladder needles included for filling air in sports ball, volleyball, inflatable furniture/toys
  • Inflation speed - maximum pressure 100 psi. The extra long hose with 360 degree pivot will make your pumping easier
  • Strong oversized steel handle provides comfort and durability
I have seen such High PSI more diameter hand pump which was giving sound of long shhhhhh.... when it was pumped just for 1 time only.
Cost was 500+ and diameter of the pipe / cylinder was wider than other normal pumps.

Foot Pump

This type of Air pump has very short life as complaint is heard by me made by many BCMTians.


Bestellan 100 psi Tyre Air Pump for Car & Bike
31,442 Ratings & 264 Reviews

Special price ₹285

Electrical 12V DC Air Pump

This works on battery only.
You must have a 12v Cigaretter Lighter to atach it to battery source.
For SUV or more air better keep ignition in start mode for proper voltage.

Recommended by Many BCMTians :
Coido 3326 Electric Tire Inflator Air Compressor Pump for Car Tyres (12V)

by Coido


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Branded product
myTVS 80 psi Tyre Air Pump for Car & Bike


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myTVS 80 psi Tyre Air Pump for Car & Bike Price in India - Buy myTVS 80 psi Tyre Air Pump for Car & Bike online at

myTVS is India's Largest and Most Trusted brand of auto accessories . Everyone has faced a flat tyre moment at least for once in their lives. Such inevitable situations can now be fought against as, the all new myTVS Car Tyre Inflators are now in town! These Inflators come with different valves and are easy to use and very compact. You can use this inflator for generating a pressure up to 80Psi and can be used to fill air in multiple objects like football, inflatable toys etc. This is not the end; the product comes up with 2 years of warranty and analog meter for accurate pressure display and an additional wire storage space at the back of the product. Moreover the product can be connected to the cigarette lighter port of your car.
In The Box
Sales Package
  • 1 Tyre Inflator
  • MyTvs
Model Number
  • Univ-Tyer Inflator 2
  • Compact Air Pumps
Brand Color
  • Orange
Maximum Capacity
  • 80 psi
  • Orange
  • Plastic
Auto Shut Off
  • No
Hose Length
  • 40 cm
Adapter Cord Length
  • 300 cm
Not Covered in Warranty
  • Damage
More Details
  • Generic Name
    • Tire Air Pump
  • Country of Origin
    • India

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Went on 5 Jan 2020 Sunday to have a Rear Tyre for a friend's bike i3S Splendor.

Got this tyre of Apollo

Apollo Actigrip R1 2.75-18 Tube Type Bike Tyre,Rear


3 Year Full Warranty.

Shop is Narang Tyres Sales at main Road opposite Big Bazar on Rohtak Road.
16/29 & 30, Plot No.45, New Rohtak Road, Karolbagh, Delhi-110005
Phone No. : 011-41503730


Apollo Tyres_IMG_20200105_155450.jpg
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The Ghost Who Walks
Shop is Narang Tyres at main Road opposite Big Bazar on Rohtak Road.

Narang Tyre Sales
5.01 Google review

Tire shop in Delhi, India

Address: 861, S P Mukherjee Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110006

Phone: 011 2397 5406
Sp Mukherjee marg is the Novelty Cinema shop, the one you went to is the New rohtak road one where all types of machines are available.

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I am using bike Hero CD Deluxe, 2011 model.

I have this as stock size in rear.
Using same in front.
MRF Nylogrip Zapper

80/100 -18
M/C 54 P

CD Dlx


Experience is good so far.

Yesterday hard rubber saved my ride for 3-4 km. Rear tyre got flat.

Air pressure was less.
Double riding created air to release of air at some point on road.
Got easy ride as bitter cold made rubber more hard. I was able to ride bike easily. If this had happened in summers, I had to walk with my bike for 3-4 km.
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