TVS Apache rtr 160 vibration at higher RPM


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Recently I bought second hand TV's apache rtr 160, it's 2016 model with 13k km on odometer (owner says bike was barely used, in that too for local travel only) trusted mechanic checked engine and stuff. However recently after I rode it for 400km or something. I recently started hearing metallic vibration at high rpm(6k and above) like some thing is metallic and clashing with other metal parts at high RPM. I checked and it is coming from rear end. TVS service guys said suspension is lose so not a big deal, they tightened it, but suspension doesn't make metallic clinging sounds, nonetheless for few more days no more sound. But now it's back, and it's from right side(as opposed to left) my basic Instinct is saying it's the metal band in footrest

It's not even minimal sound, it's very distinctive and clear