Two Months in Himachal – Dreams Do Come True!

One of the reasons for me to leave my full-time job and become a digital nomad was being able to travel anywhere and everywhere without having to worry about reaching back to Delhi by Monday morning. And spending months in Himachal had been on my mind ever since I visited this mountain heaven first time. It finally happened!

PS - This is going to a long post and I will try to focus more on photos than content.

The plan was to cover Himachal from one end to another, taking as many breaks as possible, staying close to locals and maybe learn a few things about the way of life in the mountains.

The trip started with a 28-hour train journey to Chandigarh. I had loaded my bike in the same train and it reached Chandigarh the same day, however, I reached post 5pm, after the parcel office closed for the day, so the pick-up could only happen the next day. This gave us one day to explore The City Beautiful - Chandigarh, and eat the food that the Haryanvi in me was dying to eat after spending so much time in Mumbai.​


The Bike is packed and ready to go


What's the point of a long train journey if you don't stuff yourself with unhealthy food?


And we reached Chandigarh!


Look at this Goan going bonkers over Punjabi Food!


That's the stuff I was talking about!
Shimla, Kufri and Fagu

After 2 days in The City Beautiful, it was time to get on with the actual trip. Surprisingly the bike came back without any issues in the train and needed no repairs. With the overloaded bags, we embarked towards Shimla and stayed at Fagu for the next 2 days, exploring Shimla, Kufri and nearby places. Here are some photos from those days.

I was skeptical about the luggage situation but my hand-made luggage carrier did just fine.


The shop is setup in Fagu, overlooking apple orchards.


Bike becomes something else altogether once the bags are taken off.






Jibhi via Jalori Pass

After Fagu, we moved towards Jibhi via Narkhand and Jalori Pass. I had visited Narkhanda earlier as well and the roads started getting rough just after that. You must have heard that the bad road leads to the most beautiful places and I started believing this only after I reached Jibhi, a little village just near Jalori. The road we took that day made heart thump wildly. I haven’t come across anything as beautiful as this place until now. The pine trees, 45 degree incline and dip on the roads and the sense of adventure – these are the memories that are going to stay in a corner of my mind forever.

We stayed at Offbeat Footprint in Jibhi for the next three days, exploring the valley and surroundings. This is where we had our first real life experience of Himachal. Tucked in a mud house at the side of river, picking plums for breakfast, hiking in the forest and taking a dip in the natural pool!

Did you know that the road passing through Jalori is all tarmac now?


Breakfast picked straight from the trees.


Never tired of clicking or posting these roads


Mighty Jalori Pass.




There aren't a lot of places in India where you will find blueberries.


She just slides wherever she sees a slope. Still learning to walk in the mountains. :D


Finding hidden waterfalls is the new fave game


Getting better at hiking!




Himachali houses have really small doors.


That's the mud-house we stayed at


Trying to do our bit.


Work has to be always the priority but who minds if your office looks like this?


This is taking much more time than I anticipated. Will post the remaining in the next post soon.

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After 3 days in Jibhi, it was time for the next destination – Manali, and of-course, our first stop was Old Manali. We had made no reservations and headed straight to my “go-to place” in Old Manali – Mountain Dew Guesthouse. Bang in the middle of Old Manali, the guesthouse proved to be a good accommodation for next 3 days while we explored this part of the world bit by bit, eating at a different place every time, visiting waterfalls, monasteries and temples, and riding aimlessly in a new direction every day.
But towns like Manali have a tendency to turn too touristy after one point, especially on weekends when every corner has a traffic jam and every street is full of people blasting Punjabi music on portable speakers.

This led us to our next destination - ShivAdya Resort and Spa in Karjan, a few kilometers from Manali on Naggar road. This 15-room property is the brain-child of Ritesh Sood, owner who stays next door and the efforts and passion put into the property is almost inspiring. True to its Himachali roots, the property is built using mud and wood.
While in Karjan, we explored Naggar town. The majestic Naggar Castle, Roerich Art Gallery, Jana Falls, and Mr. Sood was kind enough to take us on a few trails to nearby villages leading to the most amazing waterfalls, hundreds of year-old temples and views that will make you fall in love with Himachal.

All this while in Manali, I had been hunting for a house to rent for 2-3 months. The idea was to use the house a base camp of sorts while we go gallivanting around Himachal. Renting made sense economically and was a better option to dedicate longer hours to work and cook daal chawal for a few days before and after the next leg of the trip. I managed to find a house which seemed perfect. Located on Naggar-Patlikuhal road, overlooking the Beas River, the house was newly built and fully furnished. The owner’s family lived next door and the construction work was still pending on the top floor (halted due to monsoons for the time being). The house was a 10-minute walk through fields and apple orchards, surrounded by fields that the owners used to grow each and every possible vegetable. We could just go out of front door and pick dinner for the day straight from fields and the family would keep something or the other for us. We spent almost a week settling in, catching up on work and riding a new direction almost every day.
On way to Manali​

We came here to eat!​



Naggar Castle​

Finding Hidden waterfalls - still fave game.​

Almost 800 years old Vishnu Temple​

Can you turn on the sun, hooman?​

Lazy Mountain Mornings at Shivadya Resort.
And Evenings.​

We are falling in love with Himalayan Architecture.​

Who's Ready for Monday Mornings!​

Monsoon has started in Himachal and like most heros, these heroes dont wear any capes.​

Evening from the new home in Naggar.​

Daily gifts from neighbors. Look at that dog, his name is Sultan and he is our new best friend!​

We watched these apples go from green to red and this has been one of the most amazing experience of life.​

Daily walk home thought orchards and fields.
Getting bored of Food picks?​

Okay this is the last one :D


Somewhere in Solang Valley​