Two way cord for swapping Mob handsfree or mp3 player?


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I have a good 1gb mp3 player and a basic mobile. Now, while riding, i listen to moozik, but its a nuisance if someone calls, esp persistently. Now, riding with handsfree in one ear and mp3 earphone in another ear is not fun.

I was thinking - is there any way that there is a two way audio cord with switch?
Something that allows me to flip a button and move to handsfree from mp3 when a call comes.

Any ideas? :D

PS: No, I don't wanna spend 6400 bucks just to get a phone which plays mp3s like the nokia 5200.


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O.T.: ^^No idea, but don't ever think again of buying a Nokia 5200, its one of the worst music phones i've seen. My friend bought it just 2 months back and the on-board loudspeaker plays like a fata baans..though with handsfree it gives reasonably okay sound.


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best music while on road is that of engine revving in delight to get attention! buy yourself a Yoshimura! :lol:


Hitachi(cool dude) bhai ... music or phone while riding is no no .
Use earplugs and see the difference :D total silence .
when u have to attend a call; pull the bike to side and attend the call .
Few minutes to spare is worth it...unless you are ironing ur butt :lol: .


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@nfs: the moozik is the wonlee thing that keeps me awake :D

else i get completely bored, tune out from the road, and get drowsy in just an hour :)


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Use ur engineering brain

You can mke one. Will be a little messed up. Take the two connectors for the phonone jack and mps headphone. take a three way toggle switch. Connect one end to the headphone and connect wires to it. Connect phone at one end and mp3 on other. When u get a call, just flip the switch. . You will need three connection points at phone end for mic