Tyre - Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV


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Need your inputs - I am looking for feedback or inputs for the new tyres for my Terrano.
I am not looking at any size upgrades.
Current is MRF Wanderer Sport, with second set. As I indicated earlier I have 2 tyres which are worn out [pre-mature wear out at 34 k km] and 3rd has got a stone hit on Thread face; no leak of air, advised to run as is. The 3rd and 4th tyre has minimum 4 mm thread left.
But I do not want to take risk, so I am forced to replace 3 tyres - so my thought is to go for replacing all 4 tyres.

Here are the options I have:
  1. Continue with MRF Wandersport
  2. Goodyear Wrangler
  3. Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV
  4. Michelin Latitude
One of the reason for me to go to Goodyear is their new Warranty policy - which will cover stone hit or sidewall damage with some conditions laid out.

GoodYear dealer as known recommended me to go to Wrangler if we are doing lot of off roading- but the thread pattern is different than Stock and hence I am not inclined to it.

So I am thinking of Efficient Grip SUV.
I read lot of reviews on the net, some say this tyre as it gets older becomes noisy.

I just need to know if any one in BCMT family is using or has experience with the Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV tyre and I would like to know the opinion or review of using them.

I am planning to replace the tyres in next 2 days over the weekend.


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Finally I have fitted the Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV on my car last Saturday.
Tyre changes were done at Ashoka Wheels, Minister Road, Secunderabad as they are considered as the best Wheel care centers in Hyderabad / Secunderabad.
I too had a blind faith on them.
My eyes got opened up when their equipment measured wrong Front Camber values [Right 0 deg 7' & Left -0 deg 56'] with the new tyres. Should not be as all components of my Suspension system are replaced and are fairly new.
I got panicked and rushed to Lakshmi Nissan Workshop, assuming issue with my car.
When the car was put on the Alignment machine, both side Front Camber measured -15'.

Then I came back to Ashoka Wheels and showed them the wrong measurement done by them and also the sheet measured at Lakshmi Nissan.
Luckily I had all the Wheel alignment prints, when I reviewed at 10k km, on the same machine 4 years back [Mar 2014]; measured wrong Camber values but were in spec as wrongly Nissan Terrano older model was selected and did not come to my attention.
With all these info & data, I gave a big dose to them for not having their equipment calibration done regularly.
They have 3 Wheel alignment machine at their Minister Road outlet and I recollect for sure one machine there is issue with the calibration of the machine, as I recollect most of the times my car was aligned in that equipment. The other 2 wheel alignment machine my car was not aligned, so I cannot comment on them.
Similar issue also I have seen with their Banjara Hills outlet - Front Camber values recorded or measured are wrong.
I got this bit of gyaan to their Minister Road outlet, when I had raised this issue of early wear to MRF and had detailed discussion.

Luckily for me the Camber is not adjustable in Terrano or Duster, so to some extent wear and tear was reduced. If it was Indica or Swift, with wrong measurement of Camber, wrong setting of Camber and Toe would have resulted in pre-matured or accelerated wear and Tear of the tyres. As a customer we would think it is because of the bad roads or our driving!

I am posting this experience so that people are aware what to look out for!

May be I need to look for a new Wheel care center in Hyderabad. Hope I find one.


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I just stumbled on the link; explaining testing of Alloy Vs Steel Wheel rims.
Please have a look at it: