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Date:- 27.5.2022, Day 10 :- Hanle to UMLING LA PASS to Tso Kar = PART 2

"Reaching UmlingLa Pass and Breakfast at UmlingLa HUT"

Riding further ahead, I came across this road.

It looked as if no one has passed in this road before me.
It seems that there must be snow fall before we reached at this patch.


It felt like cutting a snow cake with motorcycle tyre.

Umling La Top was very near now.

At 8.49 AM, I reached Umling La Pass top.


" Higher the Hill , Stronger the Will."

See the tyre marks. I was first to reach here today.

On this day, ie
27th May,2022 , no other vehicle had reached here before me.

I could see some temporary rooms here at top. First one was
World's Highest Cafe at 19,024 feet. But it was not open yet.

Time for some posing for my Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS motorcycle.

Our fourwheel also arrived here now. I requested the driver to click some pictures of mine.
Happy me to reach here and fulfill yet another dream.

Here is a short video shot there using my mobile.

I requested for more pictures for memory.

So poses using Gopro. My motorcycle never lets me down. I felt proud to own this bike.



And some gopro selfie. I was lucky to get such amount of snow on road and at Umling la pass top also.

Proud moment for me.

Homestay owner called me for breakfast inside a glass chamber/ room. It was written as UmlingLa HUT.

Inside that hut the wall on three side were mentions of something.

First wall shows the change in board and road of Umlingla in 2017, Before 2017, 2018, 2021 etc with pictures of sign board during that period.

Second wall show the Certificate of Guinness World Record

Third wall mentioned this road as Chisumle Demchok road, passing via Umling La Pass.

I had kahwa in that room and some bread sandwiches. Homestay ower was very caring for us.

Coming up ....
NEXT .... Part 3 ... going back from UmlingLa Pass to Hanle

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Suneesh Sharma

Love my Iron Beast
Hello Everybody,

My Name is SAJAL SHETH, 56
I am from Cuttack , Odisha.
I ride Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS.
I did Umling La Pass on 27th May 2022 on my SOLO ride to Zanskar and Umling La Pass.
This will be basically a "picture-logue" with short narrations only.

Here are some highlights...
Enjoy it:)

View attachment 798898

At Umling La Pass

View attachment 798896
On the way to Leh

View attachment 798899
Singe La Pass

View attachment 798902
SirSir La Pass

View attachment 798904
ShinkuLa Pass

View attachment 798907
When you ride Higher than Everest Base Camp

View attachment 798908
Trek to Phuktal Monastery

View attachment 798909
Gonbo Rangjon
View attachment 798911
Paragliding at Kullu- Manali

View attachment 798914
Snow world of UmlingLa Pass

View attachment 798915
Descend of ShinkuLa Pass

View attachment 798919

Holy Gonbo Rangjon

This is my interview cum video on UmlingLa Pass... it explains fully about how to reach, where to stay , distance, different routes , etc ....about Umling La Pass:-

(this will be updated along with travelogue)
1. Date:- 18.5.2022 & 19.5.2022, Preparation and Day 1 & 2 :- Train to Delhi & Ride to Ambala.

2. Date:- 20.5.2022, Day 3 :- Ambala to Kullu
3. Date:- 21.5.2022, Day 4 :- Kullu to Jispa
4. Date:- 22.5.2022, Day 5 :- PART 1) Jispa to Purne via Shinkula Pass
. . .&
PART 2 ) Gonbo Rangjon
5. Date:- 23.5.2022, Day 6 :- Purne to Phuktal Monastery trek, Ride to Padum
6. Date:- 24.5.2022, Day 7 :- Padum to Leh via Murugam Pass, Singe La Pass, Sirsir La Pass
7. Date:- 25.5.2022, Day 8 :- Leh
8. Date:- 26.5.2022, Day 9 :- Leh to Hanle
9. Date:- 27.5.2022, Day 10 :- Hanle to UMLING LA PASS to Tso Kar = PART 1, PART 2 , PART 3.
10. Date:- 28.5.2022, Day 11:- Tso Kar to Kullu
11. Date:- 29.5.2022 & 30.5.2022, Day 12 & 13:- Kullu to Ambala, Ambala to Delhi to Gurugram
12. Date:- 31.5.2022, 1.6.2022 & 2.6.2022 , Day 14 & 15 & 16:- Gurugram, Train to Bhubaneswar & ride to Cuttack.

My bike Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS gave mileage of 45 kmpl in this ride. Total ride was of 2647 kms for 16 days.

Please give your valuable comments and you may also press "
Like" to encourage me.

for next update.
Awesome. Have also seen you on Devils on wheels channel. Fantastic trip you had

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