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Date:- 28.5.2022, Day 11:- Tso Kar to Kullu

Today I wanted to reach Kullu by evening.
As per Google Maps it is around 350+ Kms from Tso Kar.
In mountain
350+ kms in a day is very difficult unless you start early.
I was ready to go at 5.48 AM.
But when I came out of my room to warm up my motorcycle.... It was full of snow frost.


It was taking time to start. So I took water in a bucket and poured on entire motorcycle. Slowly snow frost started to go.
Then I tied luggage and started without having breakfast here at Tsokar Eco Resort. It was around 6.45 AM then.

I reached Debring and had breakfast.
After Debring the road was very good. It was tar road. I could see normal traffic of trucks, cars & bikers.

Then crossed More plains.
And Crossed Pang.
I crossed Lachulung La Pass at 16,616 feet.
From Pang to Lachulung La Pass, there was heavy traffic of trucks. There were numerous trucks and were driving at a very high speed. And due to that lots of dust was coming in air.
Just After Lachulung La Pass there is a short cut downhill towards Whisky Nala. They went in that downhill shortcut.
Then I crossed Nakeela Pass at 15547 feet

I was at the start of Gata loops at 10.25 AM.


Gata Loops looks beautiful from top side.

That river at bottom is Tsarap River. Same river goes via Phukhtal Monastery and becames Zanskar River at Padum.

Weather was very comfortable and I was riding in perfect speed.

After Gata loop there was a water crossing and lots of vehicle were in queue there. But since I had two wheeler, I could ride from side and overtake those vehicles in queue.
Before Sarchu , a new concrete road is being made.

I was now inside Himachal Pradesh now.
Then I reached Sarchu and had maggie and some food. I did not had full lunch because half stomach is good for mountain rides.
My bike and dress were full of dust due to those trucks. I cleaned my bike and dress with cloth.
I also unloaded my balance 5 ltr petrol jar in my tank. Now I did not have any extra fuel to carry.

At 1.10 PM , I was at Baralach La Pass of Himachal Pradesh at 15,912 feet.

Baralacha La Pass had lots of snow.

Many tourist vehicles were stopping on road to enjoy snow.

This is a very short video of BaralachaLa Pass.

A selfie with goPro

This is last time I will see such huge snow, during this ride.

From here there were too many tourists. Many vehicles stopped for snow.

The road ahead

And last picture with snow for this ride.

After that I reached Suraj Tal.
Same position here... too many tourists and vehicles.

I rode down further and crossed zing zing bar, then Deepak Tal.
Reached Darcha and at check post here my details were noted.

Today I completed the circle. I was here on 22.5.2022 and completed this 3 rd new route to Leh today.
Then cross Jispa and Keylong.
At Keylong petrol pump there were many bikers topping up their fuel.
I just filled up Rs.200 petrol to be on safe side.

Then crossed Tandi and Sissu.
now a days too many tourists come till Sissu via Atal Tunnel and enjoy the beauty of area.
I stopped at one place and called the homestay owner at Kullu and informed him to keep one room for me.

Then I crossed Atal Tunnel.
In the middle of Atal Tunnel , I saw a couple who were pushing the bike. Perhaps fuel was over or bike might not be starting.
I did not stop because, we are not allowed to stop inside this tunnel.
While coming out of tunnel, I informed police about that couple on motorcycle.

Police said he will send someone to rescue them.

I then crossed Manali before crossing a long queue of vehicles at Solang valley. It was a big jam at Solang.
But two wheeler have this advantage of overtaking and moving ahead.

Lastly I reached that homestay called Beas View homestay at Kullu. I had stayed here on 20.5.2022 also.
It was around 7pm then.
So it took around 12 hours to cover this 350 + kms in one day.
I started from Tso Kar and reached Kullu.
I was tired and happy too.

I had my dinner at Freedom Dhaba at Talogi area on Kullu High way.

coming up... NEXT.... Reaching Ambala.

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