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Date:- 29.5.2022 & 30.5.2022, Day 12 & 13:- Kullu to Ambala, Ambala to Delhi to Gurugram
Date:- 31.5.2022, 1.6.2022 & 2.6.2022 , Day 14 & 15 & 16:- Gurugram, Train to Bhubaneswar & ride to Cuttack.

1) 29.5.2022 = Day 12 :- Kullu to Ambala:-

Today's ride was upto Ambala only and as per google maps it was around 300 kms only.
But as I missed the turn at Kharar town and went inside Chandigarh. And via Zirakpur , I came to Ambala.
And for this my ride was of 330 kms.

I would like to mention this "
Sab Tera Tera Punjabi Family Dhaba" near Kiratpur. Old name was
ChoudharyTourist Dhaba

This dhaba serves very good food and reasonable price.
Moreover if any vehicle is stranded anywhere nearby , then you can call them and they help you out free of cost.
This is Google MAP link.
Phone number for free help are 7876341328 / 7888932771



After that via wrong route, I reached Ambala and stayed my friend Panshul's home. He runs a trekking and travel company called Seeking Himalayas.

2) 30.5.2022 - Day 13:- Ambala to Delhi to Gurugram:-

I started at 6 AM. I wanted to give my motorcycle at New Delhi Railway Station Parcel office.
This is how I looked in fully loaded motorcycle.

Picture near Panshul's Home.

At 12.20 PM, I completed formalities of packing my bike and kept bike inside Parcel Godown.

Then I took cab and reached Gurgaon at my daughter's rented home. My plan was to stay with her for 2 days.
As I completed UmlingLa Pass in this solo ride, this was her grand welcome at her home.

Such small gestures from daughter makes me happy.


3) 31.5.2022- Day 14 :- Gurugram and around:-

I visited Akshardham Temple that day with my daughter. It is very big and nicely maintained. But no photography is allowed inside.


4) Date:- 1.6.2022 & 2.6.2022 , Day 15 & 16:- Train to Bhubaneswar & ride to Cuttack:-

Today I did paperwork for taking my bike as luggage with me to Bhubaneswar.

This is Mr Pradeep, Main porter. He charges very reasonable. His contact number is 9873386553.


This is my bike after completion of all procedures.

Then I boarded in train and reached Bhubaneswar.
This is how my bike looked inside parcel van at Bhubaneswar.

Such was position of goods, that I was hoping that my bike wont be damaged.

It took time to take it out from luggage van.

My bike at Bhuaneswar railyway station.

Then after completing formalities and Parcel office, I rode to Cuttack from Bhubaneswar.
At 7.45 PM, I reached home.
Total ride was of 2647 kms for 16 days.

There was another grand welcome by my wife at home.

Riding to Umlingla Pass solo and coming back home safely made us all happy.

So the journey came to end.

I had experienced many new things in this ride. I learned how to come out of trouble & keep cool in case of difficulties. I am more confident man after this ride. I have discovered a new person in me.

And my belief in GOD has increased more in this ride. HE always kept me out of trouble, always gave me solutions, and showed me way out.
I saw GOD in many helpful humans also in many places.

Lastly we all must respect Mother Nature and keep it alive.

I have uploaded around 630+ pictures in this travelogue, enjoy them and refresh page if they are not fully loaded.
I am very much thankful to my wife
BINA SHETH (Tarot Reader, Crystal Healer, Reiki Healer, Intuitive Guide & Life Coach ) for supporting and encouraging me.

And my advice to all riders:-

Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly. [-X
√ There is always someone who cares for you without your knowledge. :-k
√ While riding keep your family members and friends in mind, & do not take unnecessary risk. [-X
√ Ride with proper protective riding gears. [-o<

Thanks you all for encouraging and appreciating me. :mrgreen:=D>
GOD BLESS you ALL. Keep Riding and RIDE SAFE. :prayer:


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