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Date:- 24.5.2022, Day 7 :- Padum to Leh via Murugam Pass, Singe La Pass, Sirsir La Pass

Today's ride will be long one & I will have rarely any place to eat, till Wanla village.
Today I will ride via new road to Leh or 3 rd route to Leh.
Today's ride will be true solo ride for me, as I may not find other vehicles on road. Or there will be very few.

It is recommended NOT to travel in these route in rainy season ie in July - August. As the increase in water level will result in Zanskar River over flowing on road between Zangla to ascent of Linghed or Murugam Pass. Also do not travel solo in July August in this route, till the new road under construction is completed.

I will not get any fuel pump till Khaltse on Kargil- Leh highway.
Padum village has two fuel pumps of IOC.
First one is 3 kms from Padum towards Ragdum- Kargil. Press HERE for the location of this fuel pump.
Second one is around 3 kms away from Padum towards Zangla side. Press HERE for the location of this fuel pump. Old one was manually operated. But now there is a new one on opposite side of old one.

I had breakfast at my homestay at Padum village. I topped up fuel on my bike.
To my surprise the price here was Rs. 94 only. Later on I came to know that Government has reduced excise duty on petrol and diesel and It was around Rs.8 cheaper than two days back's price.

I also purchased some biscuits and snack for my Lunch.

I was on Zangla road at 8.30 AM. There is very good tar road till the check post after Zangla Village.


Fascinating view of mountains around.

This is way to Zangla Palace. This ancient kingdom palace on on hill top.

After police check post, the road in under construction. At present it is complete off road till Wanla Village. This road passes near Zanskar River and it has some
stunning mountain and rocks on the way and on river side. It seems to me like a big carving by God. I could not prevent myself to stop here and enjoy the Great
Carvings of God.


It is very important to cross these river before noon. As increase in water level will result Zanskar River over flowing on road.

And this one looks like a Shivling to me.

It was 11 AM and I was riding on the ascent of Lingshed or towards Murugam Pass. This pass is at 15490 feet.

This soil base route was very tough due to steep ascent.

I had heard that two bikers had damaged their clutch plate on this ascent. So I was riding very slowly and after every two three loops, I was stopping so that my bike will not get damaged due to heat and pressure on clutch.

As you can see that there was no one on these route. It was a true solo ride here.

Weather was good but not the road. At one point my bike stopped going up even at full throttle. I got down from bike and pushed bike at 1st gear to move ahead.
At that point it was difficult to breath for me and my bike was also getting less oxygen. Less oxygen resulting in reduced power of bike.

There is no sign board about Murugam Pass there. I reached the bifurcation of Lingshed at 12 PM.
The left road which goes down is towards Lingshed village. I took right one towards Singe La Pass.
I met one local Maruti 800 white car owner travelling with family ,on bifurcation. They offered me fruits and told me that after one hour, I will reach Singe La Pass.
Also met one Black Thar owner from Punjab, they were going to Leh.

At 12.15 PM, this was my view towards my back.

At 1.10 PM, I reached Singe La Pass at 16590 feet.

I was very happy and fulfilling. This was my 3rd pass of this ride.

The mountain top on the right side here has shape of a
सींग " or horns.
This Singe La Pass got its name from here ? No idea.


Felt proud to take my Odisha nameplate bike here in this remote area of Zanskar. See the shape of mountains on the left side.

Time for a Gopro selfie at Singe La Pass.

The descent of Singe La Pass towards Photoksar village is very beautiful one. And only one or two vehicles could be seen in this route.

I was compelled stop here and enjoy the nature beauty. There were Hills, ice, serpentine roads and cold air.

It was a truly mesmerizing view there.

See the left side mountain top !

At around 1.40Pm, I reached the bottom of this serpentine road. There is a bridge there. I decided to have "lunch" here. That means biscuits and some snacks only.
I was knowing that I will get maggie or Rajma Chawal at Photoksar village. But I need to reach Leh as early as possible.

You need to go little down from the main "road" to reach Photoksar village. There is a Gmpa / Monastery and a homestay also. But I bypassed Photoksar.
Again the ascent of Sirsir La Pass started. This was view at 2.50 PM.


Weather was becoming bad and I could see clouds coming down.

I saw group of bikers going towards Photoksar.

At 3.00 PM, I reached fourth mountain pass of this ride... Sirsir La Pass at 15700 feet.

Happy me to cross this Pass also.

and a selfie with GoPro

The road ahead looks like this. There was some construction work going on there.

Last picture with my bike posing at Sirsir La Pass.

After this there was decent basically. Saw this big mountain at 4.30 PM near Hanupatta Village.

After around 7 kms ahead of Hanupatta village, a bridge is under construction. So I had to cross a small river there. This river had very clear water.
Just after that good tar road started via Phonjila and Wanla Village. And at 5 PM , I was on NH 1 . I crossed Kaltse after Covid Vaccine check point. I had to show my triple Vaccination certificate at this check post.
Then I started riding towards Leh.

At 6.45 PM, I stopped this straight road before Basgo.

What a nostalgic feeling here, because I took some pictures here in 2014 also. This is LINK of 2014 pictures at same place.

It as going to be dusk soon. I need to reach Leh as soon as possible.

But the road and surrounding was compelling me to take some pictures for memory.

I reached Leh at 8 PM.
It was a 310 KMs ride with almost 150 kms in off road.

So It was a ride of 12 hours for me.
My friend
Ken Agarwal of
UNPLUGGED LIFE , booked this homestay for me. He runs a travel company at Leh.


This is very near to Leh main Market and has all the facilities at Rs.800.
There is zero space for car parking, but 4-5 bike can be parked in this home stay.

A compilation of short videos for the day is here:-

So the tiring day was over and a rest day at Leh.
Then the most important part of this ride...

Coming up...a rest day in Leh and ride to Hanle.

HERE for next update.
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I've seen innumerable photos of Gata loops. But the beauty and ruggedness of the "roads" in this region is something else. Thanks for treating us with photos of such amazing roads, landscapes, and natural wonders!


Still Learning ©
I've seen innumerable photos of Gata loops. But the beauty and ruggedness of the "roads" in this region is something else. Thanks for treating us with photos of such amazing roads, landscapes, and natural wonders!
Thank you @sayshh ji
These special challenging "ROAD" will soon became tourist place. As this 3rd route is slowly becoming popular