Umlingla Pass - Umlingla Top

BROindia Constructs World's Highest motorable Road - Umling La Pass
Aug 5, 2021



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@BROindia builds world's highest motorable road in Ladakh at 19,300 ft Silently but powerfully, BRO has emerged as a leading road/bridges/tunnel engineering design/construction organization of the world for high ranges.
Congratulations Rohit Mishra and team.. Newly opened Umlingla pass
Photo and details credit : Rohit Mishra
Mystery resolved route location, permit , permission

We don't need any special permission , permission to reach #umlingla , normal
Permission would work which will cost you 400 rupees and you do not required any army contact also ,

There are 3 way to reach #umlingla

1 - via koyul
Via koyul you need permission

2- via photila
Hanle to photila 35km if you don't take sort cuts I have take all so its was 28km . Even board shows 28km from Hanle but that incorrect figure.

Photila to photile village is 22km
There is no one just a bro post and they are very helpful they served us juice , eggs , lunch also.

Photile village to 2nd bridge 13km
First you have to cross Indus River after 7km and again after 5km

From 2nd water crossing #umlingla is 38km where in 24km road is Mattel road and 10km is under construction.

Via ukdungle

Hanle to ukdungle 30km a trail way.
Ukdungle to 1st bridge is 28km
Where in 14km roads is good till phutile pass after that 14km off road

I m sharing Gps coordinates via Hanle (google map) download offline map before you start so these coordinate will take you the pass straight away,

1st route

Handle to photila 35km

Photila to photile 22km

Photile bro camp
32.7606004, 79.1530760

1st bridge
32.7008113, 79.1629603

2nd bridge water crossing
32.6669416, 79.1689503

32.6930000, 79.2718610

2nd route
Via ukdungla
Hanle to ukdungle 30km

Ukdungla bro site
32.6012884, 78.9655339

Ukdungle to phutila 15km

Phutila pass
32.6231920, 79.0761610

2nd bridge water crossing
32.6669416, 79.1689503

32.6930000, 79.2718610

Any concern any doubts you can reach me ,

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REACHING UMLING LA PASS IN 2022 - World's Highest Motorable Road | Hanle to Umling La Pass 19,600 ft
Jun 6, 2022


Biker Niladri

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Umlingla Pass is the world's highest motorable pass with an altitude of 19,300 ft. I was the first moto vlogger from North Bengal who did it in 2022. Watch the full video to know more about it.
Umling La 2022 | Hanle to UmlingLa via Nurbule Top on Bike | Leh Ladakh 2022
May 31, 2022



Handle to Umling La ride on Himayalan bs6 via Nurbule Top as Photilla pass was closed. Off-road from Hanle to Nurbule for around 30 Kms, great experience. After that 15 Kms to World's Highest Motorable road and then 25 Kms to Umling la.