Unplanned Malshej Ghat & Nane Ghat, August 2019.


Crazie Tourer!
Hi everyone, Malshej was on my mind... well, there are plently places on my mind..
my bike & me, we were much thirsty of a ride & adventure..
and there came 4 days of office holiday, 15th aug - 18 aug 2019. plus i got 2 leaves extra passed from office: 19aug & 20 aug 2019.
now i had 6days total, i wanted to go to the beaches in Goa via Malshej Ghat, that was the rough plan, Nane Ghat came in later..!!
Malshej Ghat was the priority.
here in Ahmedabad, we dont receive that much rainfall, so i also wanted some rain..
i carried one pair of clothes, bike charger, chain lube, tent, shoes.. all in one bag.. tied on the pillion seat.. rest the gears were on me!
this was the first time i knowingly ignored to worry about where & when to stay for the night..!

Day 1: 15th August 2019. Ahmedabad - Kalyan, Total 538Kms.
i had independence day ride at 5am to 11am, then i thought to directly head to malshej or wherever i reach in the evening.
but unfortunately i worked much on previous day on 14th at office and then getting my bike ready, getting the fuel. etc..
i was too much tired already and i slept at midnight..


i got my bike fueled up on previous night.. Rs. 745 for the fuel..
i woke up at 8:30am! i miss the independence day ride! :(
then i hastily carried what was in sight and started this Ride at 10am from Ahmedabad.


Then came this Chocolate Factory few kms after Ankleshwar, i had many times passed by so thought to stop this time..
spot my Apache RTR 200 4V on the left..







i bought these two, but these got melted away in the evening when i wanted to eat..
finally i licked and didnt wasted it..!:lol:

everyone kept telling me not to go to maharastra, its heavy rains in there..
but i encountered rains at about 5pm for like 5mins somewhere near Manor..! and it was like a sample of rain.! :roll:


it happened like, the rain was there, but may be it was before me or after me, it wasn't there when & where i was riding..!! :( i wanted rain!



Then i had this Sev Puri for Rs. 70, but i was aching for Beer then, and it was 15th aug, A Dry Day! :cry:


going further to malshej and may be beyond, i didnt knew more, moreover i wont be able to enjoy Malshej Ghat in the dark.. so i decided to stop for the night.. finally i booked a OYO in Kalyan and reached at 8pm..
i really got tired of the traffic in there instead of the ride.. and plenty of tiny dumps & bumps on the road..
i had stayed for the night at Relax Garden NX for Rs. 700.
after dumping my stuff at the room, i wandered around by foot. got some eggs to eat and went to bed around 11pm.
i talked to the hotel guard and he helped me wake up early next morning..!!

Day 2: 16th August 2019, Kalyan - Malshej Ghat - Nane Ghat, total 714Kms
i was wake by 4am with the help of hotel guard and a dozen alarms in my mobile..! :-D
i kick started again towards Malshej at 5am.
this was the day to enjoy Malshej Ghat and then think about where to stay the night..
so i went really slow, stopped again and again to sneak and peak around..

it was dark early morning, but as soon a sun light came out i started to click pictures..!

i met few chicks, but wasnt able to get close..!

Crows of Kalyan..!




then came MIDC BARVI DAM, nature then started showing its beauty further as i went..
i clicked few more pictures here, a small bridge.




ya, that is me!!


going further, after passing that small bridge..




Then came this dhaba, first i read Patanjali..!!


i had poha and tea here, but i was aching for Beer..!!


Next is a nice view of a mountain...


then came this waterfalls... i didnt spent much time here..



further i rode..
now, this was when i met the rains.. it came and went, it again came and went... it repeated several time... but i didnt stop..


i went slowly, but didnt stopped much. then came where i wanted to stop longer and enjoy the rains and the natural beauty..
i reached here at 8am, spent about 1.5hour having maggie & coffee multiple times..








while spending 1.5hour here, i met few people who were passing by and stopping here. i talked to them and came to know that Nane Ghat is nearby :-k i checked the map, here i was out of network.. finally thought to head to Nane Ghat and see if i could spend a night there.. moreover i had my tent bought last year, i havent used it even once, except i used to pitch it in my room last winter and slept in it! :lol::grin: who does that? well i did and thought i was i the mountains!! maybe this winter i will do the same! its a different experience overall.. :razz:

now after leaving malshej Ghat, i headed towards Nane Ghat, and my mobiles had low battery so didnt used it to check maps and the road led me to a different route, i was going the wrong way.. suddenly i found a bar!! =D> also a stop to charge my mobiles while having few beers..!!

i reached this bar, Suyog Beer Bar at 12pm, spent 2hours, had beers, charged my mobiles, made few friends to talk to..
they told me theres some place nearby where i could pitch my tent, etc .. but later, while chit chatting for those 2 hours i smelled something fishy as one guy came up to offer me good deal about camping and all.. they all talked in marathi and i wasnt able to understand. finally i told them that my mind is changed and i will go to Nane Ghat and stay there.. i bought a small bottle of blenders pride for myself. here are few pics..


Here you see this guy in the picture, on the right.. he became friends with me, also took a small local hard drink and after that he started to offer me camping deal nearby... but to be safe i left after having some good time at the bar...



this is the thing he had, well i paid for it, Rs. 40.. thats okay to spent to have a good fun talk..!


this was the bar, clicked this picture when i was leaving...


its 2pm now, well that clock is 20mins ahead..!! 658kms done from home..

finally, i had my beers, mobiles were charged, but not 100% .. now headed to Naneghat.. after charging mobiles here i checked and came to know i was going the wrong way... so it was good to stop here... i had my bike charger but i had forgotten its main cable at home which i needed to connect to bike's battery..


on the way to nane ghat....


i had to go about 50kms from main road, losing network as i was closing to nane ghat.. also had to keep an eye on fuel, no petrol pump untill i come back to main road....


unable to add more images here, to be continued in next post...
...To Be Continued..!!


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Crazie Tourer!
here i continue from post #1 as i want able to add more images in post #1
on the way to Nane Ghat..






then again i got lost and somewhere i took a wrong turn... i has asked an uncle he told nane ghat is 5-7kms but for 11kms i didnt reached, later when i asked another uncle & aunty they told me something in marathi which i didnt understand.. but it clearly meant to go back and take this & that turn... so i turned back.. and then somewhere, somehow i came to this nice open place.. i went off road and clicked almost 50 pictures of my bike from different angles..!! it was around 4:30pm now..






then finally i reached Nane Ghat... there was no electricity, no network.. i talked to few guys and decided to pitch my tent..





i was tempted to go down the rocky & slippery stairs, but i didnt, i thought i could get tired while coming, climbing stairs back up.. i decided to come to this place again sometime later...



it was too much windy to pitch the tent alone myself, people in there helped me, still the tent needed strong foundation and clamping to keep it on the ground.. we managed to pitch it and i placed my stuff inside for the weight so it wouldn't flew away..




these were the guys who had small shops here, made tea, maggie, pakodas, etc.. i had onion pakoda and tea..


suddenly the sun came up between the clouds & rain, and i felt as if i hadnt seen the sun whole day long..!! it was a great view but my mobile wasn't able to capture it nicely..



the tent was pitched, pictures were clicked, friends made, phone numbers exchanged.. all set.. the evening was great..
i rolled out my gears, see above picture, my feet were so bright white..!! because today was the day i met rain every now and then..
it was around 6pm now.. everyone was leaving... by 7:30pm it was really dark and no tourist or visitor was there.. i was alone in there to stay at night.. also 5-7 other local boys, few meters away they had a room to stay.. all was done to stay for the night.. when 2boys from the locals came up to me and informed me about a snake roaming around.. again they told me if, just in case at night bad guys do come sometimes to party and drink, i could run to there room if needed.. i thanked them and then they left... i went inside my tent, a bit afraid. it was all dark, if needed how am i gonna run to their room in zero visibility? snakes are okay as my tent as all zipped up close.. i had no sleeping mat or sleeping bag, i used my riding gloves as my pillow and other stuff helped me to add weight to the tent..

then that small bottle from the bar came to my mind..! i had water but no glass... i was out of network, didnt wanted to waste mobile battery... i had no morning alarm set... those boys told me people start coming in after 9-10am... in the tent i laid down, thinking dont know what all things came to my mind... it rained at night, i could hear sweet rain on my tent and the winds whistling in the dark... i was just enjoying it and dont know when i slept... in the middle of the night, i hadnt seen the time, felt as if it was 2am.. i opened my eyes.. it was a great experience from inside the tent, i wanted to get out and see the rains & winds.. but i was too sleepy and dont know again when i fell asleep....

Day 3 & 4: 17th-18th August 2019. Nane Ghat - Pune - Ahmedabad, Total 1520Kms.

next day, i woke up at about 8:30am, i heard a bike noise passing just next to my tent... i bit opened my tent zip and saw another bike, spender parked next to my apache.. 2 men had parked it and were walking away.. my thought was, local men came for some work as they had digging weapons! i mean they were carrying shovel... 2mins later i came out, my morning was welcomed with a great foggy view and few chickens just outside my tent...


just when i had opened my eyes... still sleepy...


i packed my stuff and went to nearby dhaba, it was under construction.. talked to the owner, had some tea, played with his cat and ducks. one female duck tried to bite me too... here is the video of the ducks .. msg me if the link doesnt work..





i was still low on mobile battery.. left Nane Ghat around 10am, i wanted to return home but also wished to ride pune-mumbai so i headed to pune... at 5pm, i crossed all of pune and reached Ajinkiya Bar ..i charged my mobiles here and myself with beer.. then i started my return journey on NH48..


spot my bike in below picture!


later somewhere on a dhaba i ordered paneer misal but got cheese misal.. no problem, it was great..


i havent clicked much pictures in the return journey... traffic jam at Lonavala..


just in case anyone wish to buy a furnished villa in khandala for Rs. 2.10C :-D


i thought to ride all night long and reached home next day, sunday on 18th august at 12pm..
from naneghat to ahmedabad, i rode for 26 hours long.. i was so sleepy later..!
i took a bath which gave me few more hours to be awake.. slept at 5pm at home and woke up 12hours later on monday morning at 5am..!!
back to busy life, got ready, headed to office at 7am with the bike all dirty, layered with slush..!

the triplog ends here..!! the last picture of this ride on sunday, 18th august 2019.


thanks everyone..
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Crazie Tourer!
if anyone is intrested to know..

Total Fuel costed Rs. 3600
total KMS: 1520kms
Total Trip Duration: 3days 2 hours 30 mins approx.
Total Food Cost: around Rs. 700 (i rarely have full meals like dal rice sabji roti)
Total Drinks Cost: Rs.1740
Hotel Cost: Rs. 700 approx (1night stay at kalyan)

Pictures taken on Gionee M7 Power & Oppo A83.

Videos recorded by helmet mounted action camera aren't shared here. Action camera was Procus Rush.

location history/route:





thats it..
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Nice Adventerous ride, thanks for sharing the trip. Nice pics captured.
I appreciate your stamina of riding 26 hours.
I recommend to avoid riding / driving after Alcohol drinks. Remember one of the cause of Accidents is OVERCONFIDENT.
I suggest one need to be cautious when you are away from your BASE of stay! Any unfortunate incident can derail your trip or even life too.


Crazie Tourer!
Nice Adventerous ride, thanks for sharing the trip. Nice pics captured.
I appreciate your stamina of riding 26 hours.
I recommend to avoid riding / driving after Alcohol drinks. Remember one of the cause of Accidents is OVERCONFIDENT.
I suggest one need to be cautious when you are away from your BASE of stay! Any unfortunate incident can derail your trip or even life too.
Yes.. i agree.. thanks.