USB Data Stick


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Is USB stick and data card same?

Can I use Vodafone/Airtel SIM with their 2GB plan with this device?
I will prefer universal device which supports all network SIM's.

From where I can buy & how much?

Will I be able to receive calls, sms?

Is it a better option than using mobile as modem?

Please give all the details you can to a beginner.

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As far as I know.

[1] Both are same
[2] Both comes with their pre inserted Sim card for 2G version USB sticks.. I think you can change sim there. Dont know about new 3G data sticks
[3] Dont know about calling
[4] Yes it's always better to have different USB stick for surfing.. than using mobile as modem

Checkout relative site for Airtel and Vodafone. Better go to local customer relation center