Useful Android Apps

Yogesh Sarkar

Starting a thread on useful Android Apps, so that we can not only post about the apps we found useful, but also ask fellow Android users on which app to use for a particular task.

For starters, here are two apps that I loving at the moment:

My Tracks: An app to record not only your GPS track, but also things like average speed, maximum speed, elevation etc. Haven’t used it much, but I like the interface and easy to use style.

Google Goggles: Nice app to find out more info about things like books etc. seems to be decently accurate for the books I have checked with it.

Now for the query, I am looking for a simple note application, which offers password protection for the notes.


Think Office: Highly recommended for viewing documents,for most Samsung its preloaded

20000 Jokes: Nice time pass app,bit repetitive

Winamp: Music player,not as good as the stock player,let it pass

Paper toss: time pass game

Norton Utilities: Phone monitoring app

Dolphin browser: Web browser,Way better than opera and stock.

Flipkart: You know what it is.

Wapedia: Mobile wikipedia

Androdify: time pass app,make your own version of the android mascot

Times of India: news paper without ads.

Teamviewer: You PC remote controller.

What's on India: TV guide,covers most of Indian channels

Compass: quiet accurate,you can use it as a GPS speedometer

Aptoid: Torrent engine for android.

All of the above apps are free.


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Any application for "equalizer" for music.. I found the music does not that right punch in android phone

Yogesh Sarkar

Even the music apps coming with the mobile phones should have that option; otherwise as Hacket mentioned, you can try Winamp.

Btw I found the sound quality and volume of my Xperia Mini ST15i to be pretty good and bassy.


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Thank you Yogesh.. I have installed in my daughter phone .She is using Samsung Nexus.. I though sound quality is improved but it is pain to exit from the application .. A round about way to exit.

BTW, I have installed "Photobucket" application whatever pic. I take photo or video in my LG Optimus 3 mg pixel(sic) ,gets uploaded on my account..I love this application.. No worries to to save it on my phone..
BTW Yogesh ,How is your Sony phone..? I am planing to upgrade my LG phone

Yogesh Sarkar

Its on the little side, smaller than what I had expected. Although browsing and operating the phone isn't a big issue, but holding it while talking takes a little getting used to and isn't as comfortable as full sized phones.

Apart from that, the only complaint I have is the low battery backup, fact that the micro USB port that it uses, seems to be proprietary and it doesn't comes with any pouch or screen protectors.


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After looking at a few of them, i settled on Notes. (afaics, it's just named Notes.) No password protection, but try it, it's really small and simple.

Yogesh Sarkar

Thanks Brian, looks like you are running an older version of Notes (made by yui, right?), it gave me an option to encrypt it and put a password.


The sound quality on my Samsung GSL is absolutely rubbish (even with pair of Creative EP630 and Sennhieser earphones), they are clear,but lack punch. (I had W and K series SE phones before)

Just installed NFS Shift, lovely graphics, game play is below average, car handling feels v.unrealistic with tilt controls. I'll stick to Sony PSP for gaming.

Installed HDFC ATM locater, yet to test it out.
Few small games which doesn't kill the battery, like Chess-Free, Air control lite,Slice it,Frozen bubble.

Solo guitar light. Plays like a real guitar.

Nse stocks: For monitoring National Stock exchange.

8pen: An alternative to Swype keyboard, has a v.steep learning curve.