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Yogesh, quite likely. i have HTC Tattoo with android 1.6-something, and still a few months left of the contract.

If Notes can now password-protect, then it's all you need. For me, the main thing with notes is it must be quick and easy.

PS: I updated to new version. Thanks.
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1. handcent SMS - free enhanced sms and mms service

2. Battery indicator - very light app ells u exactly how much juice is left at the top left of the screen

Have been using above two without any trouble !:)

Any good cricket game any one can recommend?:confused:



Ramit Chopra

Saadda Haq...Aithhe Rakh!
Flashlight : To use your phone's camera lens as a torchlight.
+1 to that...amazing light with various options and very easy download (about 400 kb in size)...Though a word of caution it throws...Continuous usage for a long time can eat up the battery !
Places / Where : This is one more application which is very useful. I think in Android market, it is known as where.

It tells you all the places of interest like petrol stations, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, ATM's which are nearby your current location from where you are accessing the app.


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Here are some apps (Other than the regular ones) which I use:

Brightest Flashlight
Barcode Scanner (Top notch if you want to check & compare prices when you are in store)
ScanToPDF (Create PDF copies of anything on the fly)
Dropbox (Similar to Google Docs)
Astrid Tasks (The best and funniest to do list manager out there)
Mint (Awesome app for creating & managing your budget, link it with your bank account)
3G Watchdog (Keeps a track of your data usage)
Paint Joy (Cool app for some painting fun)
Toddler Lock (Fun app of you have small kids in your home)
Photoshop (Modify your photos on the cell itself, great app)
ConvertPad (Great converter for anything and everything)
Evernote (Great app for storing notes, Notes can be either text, or photo or video, syncs on cloud and can be accessed from anywhere)
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