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ATM Learning Simulator Free

Good Kids Studio Educational

Hey Kids! Ever wanted to use your Papa’s Debit or Credit card on ATM Machine to get cash and buy toys like car, football, bear, duck, ship, horses and many more? Here your dreams come true with ATM Learning Simulator Free game.

Kids would love to act like adults and what could be better than handling cash and shopping. ATM Learning Simulator for kids gives your little ones a chance to learn to withdraw money from the cash machine and go to supermarket to purchase toys.

Come on and lets have our own spooky bank account and debit card and draw money from ATM machine and head to toy store in this ATM Learning Simulator.There is no need to check the account balance. Enjoy mobile banking and transact the amount you want from the money machine.


Enter into bank and get your debit card. Enter your name and pin code. Choose your pin code and get ready to take out dollars at the ATM machine. Insert the ATM card and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Voila!your money making machine has completed the transaction and delivered you cash.


> Learn to register for debit card
> Learn to mange your bank accounts
> Withdraw shiny dollars
> Casual Education Fun
> Toys Supermarket

Though you can see video:

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Trusted Contacts
This app is to check your location by our known ones.

Trusted Contacts is a personal safety app that opens a direct line of sharing between you and your loved ones.

• Add your closest friends and family as trusted contacts
• Allow trusted contacts to request your location. If everything’s fine, you can deny the request, but if you’re unable to respond your location is shared automatically (works even if you’re offline or your phone is out of battery)
• Proactively share your location if you feel unsafe or find yourself in an emergency
• Your trusted contacts can see your phone’s activity status to quickly know you’re OK

Whether you’re online or offline, in an emergency or just need reassurance, Trusted Contacts connects you with the people you care about most at the times you need them most.

Dec 2016 - add your trusted contacts, share your location and request the location of others.

February 17, 2017

100,000 - 500,000

Current Version

Requires Android
4.4 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 3+
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Interactive Elements
Users Interact, Shares Info, Shares Location

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Offered By
Google Inc.

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1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View 94043

Google has a new app to ensure you and your loved ones can keep track of each other in case of an emergency: meet Trusted Contacts.

The new app basically revives Google's Latitude location tracking option under a new name. Google Latitude used to do the trick at one point, but Google discontinued that app back in 2013 and offered no replacement for it up until now.

With Trusted Contacts, Google once again allows users to locate, be located and communicate with friends and family in case of an emergency, or just in case you want to feel safer and give loved ones some peace of mind.

"Whether it's hiking alone or walking down a street after dark — sometimes you want to know someone's got your back," says Google.

"This new personal safety app lets you share your location with loved ones in everyday situations and when emergencies arise — even if your phone is offline or you can't get to it. "

Google Trusted Contacts - How It Works
The new Trusted Contacts app for Android lets you add people with whom you want to share your location and authorized persons can find you even if you're offline. In case of an emergency, the trusted contacts you've authorized can check up on you by requesting your status. You can respond by sending them your location or by denying their request. If you don't respond at all within five minutes, however, Trusted Contacts will automatically share your current location with the authorized contact. If your phone is offline, the app will share your last known location.

You can also use the app as a virtual companion for your commute, sharing your route with a trusted contact so they can track your ride and make sure you made it safely to your destination. When your commute is over, just push the button on the lock screen or at the top of the screen to stop sharing.

Potential Drawbacks
While Google's new Trusted Contacts aims to serve as a personal safety tracker app designed to make it easier for loved ones to locate each other and stay in contact, there are also potential drawbacks if someone abuses the app.

Abusive partners, jealous lovers, overprotective family members and others can use the app to keep track of you at all times, so it's advised to select your trusted contacts carefully.

That said, Google's Trusted Contacts app is now available as a free download on Google Play.



Published on Dec 13, 2016
If you are at some place where you should not be but you want to be there ;) and your loved one want to know your can prove that you are there where should you be and where did you say that you are... ;) ;) ;)

This is app for you: Fake GPS Location
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