Uttaranchal to Himachal to Uttaranchal – A Bliss to ride


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Hello friends, from early morning of 8th May, 2016 till the afternoon of 12th May, 2016 I was riding between Uttaranchal – Himachal.

The reason for this ride was simple; I didn’t go on tour for a long time. I bought a new Bike – Hero Impulse so wanted to test it with my riding style, terrain, conditions, adaptability, etc. So I had to ride. And yes after a long time I was riding Solo, so wanted to make the best out of it.

I would give you a brief of my tour day by day and then elaborate it later on.

Day1: Indirapuram, Ghaziabad – Meerut – Muzaffarnagar – Roorkee – Haridwar – Rishiskesh – Chamba – Uttarkashi = 383kms

Left at 5am halted at Roorkee at my relatives for breakfast, left at 11am and reached Uttarkashi at 5pm.

MAP Link: http://tinyurl.com/jgyntfs

Day2: Uttarkashi – Bhatwari – Gangnani – Harsil – Bhaironghati – Gangotri and back to Uttarkashi via same route = 98kms + 98kms = 196kms

Left at 7am and came back to Uttarkashi at 7pm

MAP Link: http://tinyurl.com/z72dwn4

Day3: Uttarkashi – Sangamchatti – Syanachatti – Barkot – Purola – Hanol – Tiuni – Arakot – Hatkoti – Rohru – Chirgaon = 206kms

Left at 7am and reached Chirgaon by 630pm. Rain followed me everywhere this day. Got wet thrice and then also dried up all the time. But the rain which I met at Hatkoti followed me till Chirgaon.

MAP Link: http://tinyurl.com/zzgtb25

Day4: Chirgaon – Tikri – Larot – Chanshal Pass = 33kms

It was raining since 4am in Chirgaon but still I felt this place at 6:30am. Had bread pakora and tea at Tikri and it was around 7:30am and still drizzling. But left for Chanshal Pass even after locals warned that the roads would be hell. But eventually reached Chanshal Pass at 11:30am.

MAP Link: http://tinyurl.com/zwdtewp

Same Day after 1:30pm: Chanshal Pass – Chiragaon – Rohru – Hatkoti – Arakot – Tiuni – Silaura – Dimich – Mangtar – Luhari – Deoban – Chakrata = 168km

Left Chanshal Pass at 1:30pm This route was amazing apart from 30kms in between where there was no tarmac. Crossed the area where there was a Cloud Burst a day before. Encountered two landslides, and then reached Chakrata at 7:30pm

MAP Link: http://tinyurl.com/hd29vde

Day 5: Chakrata – Dakpatthar – Behat – Chhutmalpur – Roorkee – Muzaffarnagar – Merrut – Indirapuram, Ghaziabad = 312kms

Left Chakrata at 6:30am and reached home at 2pm.

MAP Link: http://tinyurl.com/jq5xmwr

Overall did 1470kms, from home to home on the ODO of the Bike.


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interesting startup..
waiting for detailed log.
Coming up shortly.

Great start...... nice teasers...........waiting for more....attached =D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>
Starting Day 1 Sir

Very good start , keep the log rolling.
Thank You!

Nice ride Shivanshu....Chanshal pass is my list too..how impulse performed on chanshal altitude and terrain?
Thanks Ankit, Chanshal is at 4520metres above sea level. last 8kms of climb was torcherous for the bike and me both specially with wet muddy surface. I got the mixture adjusted at Rohru.

good beginning.... waiting for the action to roll.
Rolling soon Sir

That is some serious riding, kudos =D>
Thanks brother


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Route: Indirapuram, Ghaziabad – Meerut – Muzaffarnagar – Roorkee – Haridwar – Rishiskesh – Chamba – Uttarkashi = 383kms

I have been touring since long now, but still I get restless in the night before I go for tour. The previous day was bit of busy and my schedule went for a total toss. Had to get the Bike checked, engine oil changed, everything checked. And after the bike to do list, it was shopping time the last minute shopping. Reached home at 10pm the early day and called it off for the day.
I had planned to leave by 4am as I had to keep in mind that I will be halting at Roorkee at my relatives place for breakfast. So, I tried to sleep at 10pm, but I was excited. The mind was doing calculation as per the kms and the type of ride I am going to do. Was thinking and checking the weather app for the weather predictions, rainfall was predicted. All check list running in the mind. I finally slept at 12:30am.

Alarm rang for 4am but I shut it off and conked it off, after 10mins opened my eyes wide awake. Got up did all the morning chores required. I wanted to stop as less as possible, so made breakfast for myself. And finally loaded the bike, and left at 5am for the pure freedom after such a long time.
I quickly reached the Meerut By-Pass and started zipping through the traffic. When Muzzaffarnagar was around 23kms, stopped for a cup of tea and then reached Roorkee Cantonment at 8am. I went to my relatives place, and I was greeted with yummy breakfast of jalebi, kachoris and dhoklas and what not. These are the things which atleast I always avoid while riding, but today were different. I ate all and then the chatting session started as I was meeting them after a very long time, so it went on till 11am. Then I left from there and had to cross Haridwar and Rishikesh.

From Roorkee, the road widening work is going on till Rishikesh, so with traffic its havoc. But then thank to the Impulse, you don’t have to be on tarmac to ride her. And hence diversion routes made by me got into action. Footpaths, the unpaved roads below and on the side of the road, and Impulse made me pass through all those traffic jams. Reached Rishikesh and got the fuel top up, and started climbing up.

I was crossing Rishikesh and it was already around 12pm, and Uttarkashi was around 164kms still. Thanks to my heavy breakfast I did not need to go ahead and stop soon for food. So after fueling up and as soon as I started climbing I gave my Bike a good rest to cool down a bit after coming from the heavy traffic. And then after that I rode. And man I enjoyed riding Impulse on hills, she can lean, she has good power to play with, bumps are not something you need to worry about. Yes you do need to counter her a bit in sharp curves, but I enjoyed.

Then around 3pm I stopped for Lunch, it was more of a break to cool down but the thali which they were offering was mouth watering. Also I was even recommended to have lunch here. Well no doubt it was yummy. After giving my tummy a breather and also letting Impulse cool down. I left from the place after 15 to 20mins for my destination.

Around 4:45pm, I stopped some 5kms before Uttarkashi as I was going to be staying at Eagle’s Nest, yes the same Eagle’s Nest from where the Eagles Dare to go Wherenot. Yes this place belongs to our own Tilak Soni Ji. He guided me through and informed me where to come. When I reached he was standing there on the road waiting to greet me. What a warm welcome he gave, I was so happy to be with him. I have known him since long time. But after getting scolding from him many times, this was the first time I was going to his place. And I loved it.

And along with him I met his beautiful pet dogs – Robin, Lisa, Leela and her four puppies. I am a big time animal lover and being surrounded by animals makes me feel very happy. Destination was reached for the day.
I will let the pictures speak for now.

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