Vadodara to Sasan Gir | Travel Experience | Pictures | Road Condition


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I have been taking assistance from this website since long now, started few years ago. Thanks to all fellow travellers for sharing their travel experiences here.

I have been to Sasan Gir multiple times, almost every year. However, every time I took that trip somehow I have alway travelled on different routes. All previous trips were with friends (groups) so we were never bothered about road condition or safety or something as travelling with friends in any condition is fun, but this time it’s only my wife and I are travelling and hence I want to be sure about the safest road possible. We have never encountered any major issues so far on our way to Sasan Gir but have witnessed pathetic road conditions (some stretches only), had to wait at forest check posts (since it opens at 6AM only), google maps taking village routes, etc.

I shall start my journey at 8.30 PM from Vadodara since Vadodara will have curfew from 9.00 PM. I have a VW Polo 1.0 TSI.

Let me know if anyone has any update on the latest road condition for this trip.

Thanks In Advance!