Varun Dhaba, Opposite Tapri Bus Stand


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On our way back to Narkanda from Nako, we stopped by Varun dhabha at Tapri. The food was hot and awesome. I filled myself up with everything they gave. The thali was delicious and they serve unlimited Rajma, Dal, Rice and Roti. The Roti's were tawa roties and straight out of hot tawa like home cooked food.

The rajma was delicious and we couldn't have asked for anything better on the way back from the arid lands of Spiti. What more, they service the food with mint chutney and onions which adds further to the taste.

I've been to Kinnaur twice and so far this is my best place for lunch. Never though I've been through this place during evenings, so no idea about dinner.

The owner works along with the guys there and he takes full attention of what is required on each thali served. They'll come to you to refill before you even ask. We ordered Tea in the end and it was a superb refreshing cup of tea. Don't ask me about the cost, it was a joke, if I compare to what I pay for such a food in Delhi NCR.

Have a go, if you are planning to travel through Kinnaur. here's the pic of the place.




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Considering that there have been media reports that all of Tapri got washed away in a cloud burst (in June) are you sure this dhaba currently exists?


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all of Tapri got washed away in a cloud burst
Is it?? I heard that a portion of Tapri experienced it. I crossed it on June 15 this year (date on pics) and that time it was raining. When I reached Faridabad, I heard a day after that Tapri had a share of Nature's fury, but not sure if its like "written off" from the map :shock: