Vegetarian north indian food(even ladakhi) in leh?


Any places that could be listed down? And not too expensive,places i could have a meal in around 100Rs or so.


Sushrut Khaladkar
There was one Punjabi dhaba on fort road last year where food served was very cheap. I don't remember its name and if it was purely veg. Although we had only veg food.


got Leh'd!!!
I tried at different places for good North Indian stuff during my visit last week......
1)Jeevan Cafe: Biryani+curd+palak paneer----------expensive, not bad!
2)Punjabi Dhaba on Market Road (just behind Punjab bank ATM)---Paratha was good but if you order any will be made by a ladhaki woman in ladhaki style.....not exactly punjabi taste
3)Neha Snacks on market road- excellent snacks...had aloo tikki+jilebi.....very nice..even recommended by Lonely planet!

At Khalste on LEH-SRINAGAR highway..there is a PURE VEG JAIN restaurant.....where we tried Roti+Kulcha+mixed veg curry......the chef was from Agra and he made exactly what we missed to have in entire Ladakh...the taste was excellent....if anyone going on that can try to have your lunch taste.

Last but not least....we stayed at Shanti Guest House, Changspa,Leh. The food was good but we get only a curry+dal+rice. No curd. The food will be cooked from home grown vegetables.

Pangong: we ate at Tanste...i do not remember the name..but it was worst.
Diskit: home stay at Khardung guest house....away from the fields....the food was nice...and again with home grown vegetables.

P.S: I am pure vegetarian. and Quality is individual perception.

Hope this helps......
My 2 cents....Veggies be prepared to eat what you get!..not so good stuff.


Posting about 2 years after my trip, as far as I can remember now, I did have al ot of good food, at the homestays I stayed at. Good momos, thupka, salads, the usual roti-sabji. Then Monalisa on the fort road had great italian food(way better than I've ever had in pune,at 1/4th the price), then the bakeries too were good. I even had good israeli food once(falafel,hummus and all). Outside Leh though I had to stick to just dal rice or roti sabji(pangong, thiksey,the monastery tour,alchi).