Video: Ride to Alibagh


Incredible Bulk
Nice vid

Hey Yogesh when exactly in Sept.
I wud like to join you guys for the Himachal trip since I have never been there and whats better to go there with tourers like you.



hibernated traveler
nice video Manas,

just a lil suggestion,

the speed of video is slower than the sound track, so increase it a little bit, say aboiut 120%-130%; it would make ur bike look like going much faster and would add more drama to the video.
That's a good suggestion sunil. But I wanted to KISS in my fiirst video. :D Yeah yeah. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Expect lot more keedas in the future. Damn videos are so much fun!
Virtual Dub with basic plugins. You have truckload of customisation for it. The learning curve is slghtly steep though.

Check out, you'll get the software (it's open source) and you'll get all the info to use it.