Visit to Shirdi from Bhilai

The route selected was Bhilai-Nagpur-Amravati-Akola-Khamgaon-Aurangabad-Shirdi.The road from Bhilai-Nagpur is four lane and roads are in good condition.It took 3.5 hrs to cover Nagpur(250 kms).In Nagpur the roads are dug up due to Metro work and it took nearly an hour in the evening to come out of Nagpur city.The road from Nagpur to Amravati (150 kms) is excellentand was covered in 2.5 hrs during night.Next morning left Amravati at7.30 am ,As soon as i came out of the city road condition deteriorated,four lane work is being done and the existing roads are in not good condition practically throughout till Aurangabad.As a result had a flat tyre enroute .The route from Aurangabad to Shirdi is still worse,full of pot holes.The speed could not exceed 30-40 km/hr.After darshan in Shirdi i intended to visit Ajanta caves but travelling back through Aurangabad was a nightmare so i took a different route through Dhule although it was a longer route,The roads are good in this section and natural beauty is appealing.The roads from Jalgaon till Ajanta are again not in good condition but doable.After visiying Ajanta caves in the morning,it took slightly more than 2 hrs we left for Akola route via Ajanta village.The roads here are again a mixed bag but the journey was pleasant passing through villages full of greenry-Cotton ,Arhar Dal,Onions etc,also passed through marigold flower cultivation.It took 7 hrs drive from Ajanta till Amravati.Had a night halt there and next morning drove from Amravati back to Bhilai in 6 hrs


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Excellent updates. Few queries though:-
1. Did you take the Nagpur-Amravati bypass or you went through the City?
2. Any specific reason not to take Karanja-Mehkar-Jalna route from Amravati?