Volvo B11R Experiences India


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Volvo B11R Multi-Axle Sleeper Buses
2*1 Sleeper Buses

Composition - 38 Passenger Berths


Composition - 40 Passenger Berths

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Kesineni has upgraded its second service from Mangalore to Hyderabad to B11R from B9R.
Fares are dropped previous day of journey to Rs 850/- to Rs 1000/-


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B11R was launched in following routes by Kesineni:
Bangalore-Mumbai [Pulled out]
Mangalore-Mumbai [Pulled out within a month's run & deployed as second service of Bangalore-Mumbai]
Hyderabad - Ahmedabad [Pulled out recently]
Hyderabad - Cochin [Pulled out in Feb 2015]
Hyderabad - Coimbatore
Hyderabad - Madurai
Hyderabad - Trivandrum [Pulled out in Feb 2015]

So it sums up to 14 bus as you said.

Buses pulled out in Mangalore/Bangalore- Mumbai deployed on Hyderabad-Mumbai [2 services]
Then the bus pulled out of Cochin / Trivandrum as you said were deployed on Hyderabad - Mumbai 2 additional services; however this was not run for long.
Both were removed; 2 sets of B11R was used to upgrade Vijayawada - Hyderabad - Mumbai service and other remained as spare with running Hyderabad - Mumbai.

Then spare used on Hyderabad - Mumbai was diverted to additional service of Hyderabad - Coimbatore I guess when Orange Travels started Coimbatore service.

They have pulled out 1 service of Hyderabad - Mumbai and placed it on Hyderabad = Mangalore. Then recently pulled out Hyderabad - Ahmedabad is now put again as second B11R on Hyderabad - Mangalore route. Hyderabad - Ahmedabad crew were Ex- Hyderabad-Mangalore crew.

Thus brief history of service rotation by Kesineni of thier B11R's