Volvo B9R


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What is a 'Corona' doing in the factory? Or have I missed something?

Deccan Auto has a technical association with a state-owned Chinese auto company, Zhongtong, for the Hyderabad operations while its promoter, also holds a majority stake in Pune-based Corona Bus Manufacturing bringing the two together.

Deccan will focus on the Luxury Segment targeting the private sector while Corona would continue to focus on Government Transport and City Buses.


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Ksrtc scania surrounded by Setc buses in calicut bus stand enjoying morning rains . I felt the rear glass of Setc on the right and scania had similarities


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Slew of wonderful journeys that happened over last 5 days--

Mumbai to Pune by MSRTC Shivneri Volvo B7R 9400 mark 3. First bus in this pic MH 04 FK 2067

Pune to Kolhapur by MSRTC brand new Asiad Hirkani semi luxury with pushback seats

Kolhapur to Belgaum was done by MSRTC Parivartan Express Non stop bus ( 1 hr 40 mins flat )

After a 2 days gap..
Belgaum to Bangalore by VRL Volvo B9R multiaxle semi sleeper KA 25 C 8545

Bangalore to Belgaum was done by Intercity train till Hubli and then Sarige express bus till Belgaum

Belgaum to Mumbai was done by SRS SCANIA multiaxle Metrolink HD semisleeper KA 01 AE 2592

Reviews to follow when I find time :) hopefully soon..