Volvo B9R


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People travelling to rajahmundry and beyond upto visakhapatnam by buses or by trains are forced to be late by 4-8 hrs in both directions due to heavy traffic and snarls on highwaus and train stations beacuse of unprecedented rush of pilgrims of godavari pushkarams. today srm volvo from chennai arrived at 1430 late by 7+ hrs and have to leave by 1730 to vskp. imagine buses coming from blore supposed to come by 12pm dont know when they ill reach. so people travelling to blore chennai and hyd plan oneday in advance for imp appoinments till next monday


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Today morning i saw that SVR B11R which left bangalore to Vizag at 3 PM yesterday was still near TP gudem at 11:30 AM (4 hrs + delay), this bus normally reaches vizag around 12 pm and starts return journey at 2 PM.Same with Kesineni,SRS and VRL schedules which also starts return journey around 2 PM.Imagine the stress for drivers who drive continuously for 2200 KMs.
Live tracking:
Blr-vizag 3 pm sercice:
Vizag-blr 2 pm service:


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I saw 3 major changes in Telsang Travels new B9R:
  1. As you had observed the battery is moved to the back - Yes this should have been done at the beginning by Volvo India, atleast now they have implemented.
  2. For the rear emergency exit; ladders are provided.
  3. Then the front [driver and co-driver] the seat belt loop was attached to the frame body chassis. However now this is fitted to the inner back area - making it safer - the external body damage has lesser impact to the seat belt arrangement. In earlier version, if there was any frontal left or right impact - the seat belt tensioner getting damaged and causing more damage to the driver or co-driver.


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From Biswajit Gallery: I found this to be sleeper bus operating from Bangalore to Kolhapur.

Unfortunate to see this accident. It would be really challenging to pull this bus from the 20 feet. Konduskar would incur heavy expenses, to pull this up apart from the repair cost.