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Major landslide has occurred at Adoshi tunnel on Pune-Mumbai Expressway. Both Pune-Mumbai and Mumbai-Pune carriageways have been blocked and expected time of clearance is 36 hours !! Plan your travel accordingly and expect delays of Mumbai-Pune-Belgaum/Bangalore/Mangalore/Hyderabad/Goa/Kolhapur et all buses. Since Adoshi tunnel falls on common stretch of Eway and old NH4, the likely route for Pune-Mumbai-Pune vehicles is now via Tamhini ghat-NH17 which is a long detour


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I am sharing your link of Jyoti here, for the benefit of our forum members:

I have heard even Mangalore Depot 2 has woman technicians.
I have personally seen woman workers-technicians checking buses at Kundapura Depot, when Hyderabad-Mangalore KSRTC ACC had entered for a tyre change.
Thanks for sharing the link @deepam. Same story was shared by and by Times of India, Bangalore Edition.

Women technicians like Jyoti are epitome and inspiration for Women empowerment in India. And thanks to the STU sector of Karnataka, KSRTC and NWKRTC who have taken this initiative of including women technicians in their depots..


Founder / MD - Hive Sustainable Solutions


Founder / MD - Hive Sustainable Solutions
I saw 3 major changes in Telsang Travels new B9R:
  1. As you had observed the battery is moved to the back - Yes this should have been done at the beginning by Volvo India, atleast now they have implemented.
  2. For the rear emergency exit; ladders are provided.
  3. Then the front [driver and co-driver] the seat belt loop was attached to the frame body chassis. However now this is fitted to the inner back area - making it safer - the external body damage has lesser impact to the seat belt arrangement. In earlier version, if there was any frontal left or right impact - the seat belt tensioner getting damaged and causing more damage to the driver or co-driver.

Ya there are many interior changes, that you can observe in the new VOLVO B9R (facelifted version)

1. Battery is moved to the rear side, and is encased in an enclosement. A tool box now occupies the former battery space below the driver door.
2. VOLVO have inducted new safety measures at the rear emergency exit on the rear right side, with a foldable ladder.
3. As observed by you , the changes in the seat belt loop, and also the fire extinguisher now resides near the driver's seat, instead of its former placement behind the cleaner seat. Two extra long Emergency break hammers have been provided behind the driver's seat on the floor with hooks to hold them, for use to break the front windshield in case of any emergency.

All pics are posted on my vehicle blog in July posts section.

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