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No signs of new buses from IJT..dont know long they are going to run these seven year old buses with worst maintenance
I dont think they are going to come up with any new buses in the current sleeper dominated market. But certainly IJT has a huge loyal customer base and regular takers in spite of the old bus and surprisingly the bus ran with full loads last week as I was checking their availability daily for the entire week in a fear that the service may be cancelled or pulled off in weekdays. If they come up with a new 183 HP non ac semi sleeper and stick to their strength on speed and timings with economical fare and reducing the parcel loading time, surely they can retain their customer base and might be more successful.
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The driving style of this bus is different compared to my previous trips. The Driver was driving like Airavat he pulls the pedal during slopes and drove casually in 90s.

Moreover the service is Good. However this trip is forgettable maybe I'm corrupted b'coz of travelling in hispeed buses recently. And in this journey the 'Speed' is missing and there is a lack of 'Kick'.
Of my observations in past few months the element 'Speed' is missing with almost all the operators irrespective of SVM/AL/Omni operators/Private stage carriers(even in Kerala and Mangalore region), as they are facing cut throat competition and increasing fuel price and maintenance charges. I observe almost all the ALs are driven sedately at 80~85 kmph max and even SVM multis were not that aggressive they used to be as you pointed out. Private stage carrier buses running with tight schedules and on high traffic roads alone maintain high speeds in and around coimbatore these days. Only veteran operators with steady speeds and huge fleet were able to sustain as posted by Binaiks recently.
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Evacay B11r vs IJT. The pilot on wheel in Evacay was ex ijt driver. While crossing both the pilots exchanged pleasantries through horn.

IJT is like a ageing lion in the fag end of its life...and every now and then in reviews I hear this sentence "the driver of that ripper is ex IJT"...everyone has moved on it seems

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Last two weekends had to travel back to back and all of them were in Evacay. Here is a short review of the trips:

Chennai to Tirunelveli (Evacay Chennai-Trivandrum B11r)
Departure (Sch/Act): 8:30 pm/8:30 pm
Arrival (Sch/Act): 5 am/5:25 am

Bus arrived around 8:20 pm near the cmbt office. Boarding was pretty quick, since on that day the evening service was rescheduled to 8:30 pm. So two buses were to depart at same time. Myself got the KA registered one. Started bang at 8:30 pm from cmbt. The pilot on wheel was ex IJT driver. He maintained good pace throughout without being rash. As usual during the weekend, we were struck in the perungulathur traffic. Started after passenger pickup from perungulathur at 9:30 pm. There were couple of pickups in vandaloor, guduvanchery, mahindra city. We finally crossed Chengelpet toll at 10:10 pm. Here after the traffic thinned and driver started cruising at good speed. Below is the time line of the trip:
Attur toll: 10:54 pm
Vikravandi toll: 11:29 pm
Sengurichi toll: 12:12 am
Thirumandurai toll: 12:50 am
Chithampatti toll: 2:57 am
Tirumangalam toll: 3:44 am
Etturvattam toll: 4:23 am
Kayathar toll: 4:56 am
Tirunelveli New Bus stand: 5:25 am
There were two breaks in the trip, one after vikravandi toll for bio break and the other at Madurai ring road, near to Airport for driver change. Overall had comfortable and speedy journey.

Pathanamthitta to Chennai (Evacay Pathanamthitta-Chennai B11r)
Departure (Sch/Act): 3:15 pm/3:15 pm
Arrival (Sch/Act): 7 am(cmbt)/5:25 am (Porur toll)

Started exactly at 3:15 pm from pathanamthitta. There were pickups in Tiruvalla, Kottayam, Ettumanur, Ernakulam. Since it was sunday, we were reaching all the pickup points 10-15 mins earlier. But at some pickup points passengers turned up only at the scheduled time. We stopped for dinner break near angamally. We started after break around 8 pm. Reached thrissur mannuthy bypass pickup point around 9:05 pm. This was the last pickup and from hereon the run was non stop. Since sunday, we also skipped coimbatore. Both drivers maintained good average speeds. The drive was fast but there were no harsh breaking or lane changes. Near to Salem i slipped to sleep and wokeup when lights were swichted on and the cleaner was calling for passengers alighting at perungulathur. Finally i was dropped of in porur toll at 5:25 am.

Chennai to Coimbatore (Evacay Chenna-Coimbatore BB Sleeper)
Departure (CMBT) (Sch/Act): 9 pm/9 pm
Arrival (Gandhipuram) (Sch/Act): 6 am/5:10 am

Reached CMBT Evacay office around 8:25 pm. Trivandrum B11r was preparing to depart. Aroud 8:50 pm the sleeper bound to Coimbatore arrived. The interiors and exteriors were maintained good. A blanket and 500 ml water bottle were kept on the berth. Entertainment system was present and a movie was played. Charger point was of USB type and it was kept on throughout the trip. We started exactly at 9 pm from cmbt. As we neared perungulathur i slipped to sleep. Wokeup when the cleaner announced bio break. Time was around 1 am and we were on the ullundurpet-kallakurichi road. The break lasted for 10 mins and driver change happened here. After the break again i drifted to sleep and wokeup when cleaner called for passenegrs alighting at hopes. Finally i was dropped off near Gandhipuram bus stand at 5:10 am. The ride was smooth and comfortable. Only con which i felt was the flow of AC. It was kept at full blow. Even after closing the vents the flow was present through the side vents and it was quite unbearable midway.

Thrissur to Chennai (Evacay Pathanamthitta-Chennai B11r)
Departure (Sch/Act): 9:10 pm/9:05 pm
Arrival (Sch/Act): 7 am(cmbt)/5:10 am (cmbt)

On the day of travel received a call around 8:20 pm from the crew asking me to reach the boarding point by 9 pm since the bus was running early. Bus arrived around 9:03 pm and we started at 9:05 pm from thrissur. The drive was sedate till we crossed kuthiran. Once past kuthiran the dirver let the beast loose. We had a pickup from palakkad bypass. Once after the pickup the lights were turned off and we were crusing at good speed. We pulled into a tea shop past sankari for a loo break cum driver change. Second driver was ex bharathi pilot. From the word go he hitted speed in the three digit range and maintained constant drive. Once past salem i slipped to sleep and vaguely remembered us crossed kallakurichi. Wokeup when the cleaner came up to alert my co-passenger about his drop point (Maraimalai nagar). Again i slipped to sleep and wokeup when the lights were turned on and the cleaner announced the arrival of perungulathur. I looked at my watch and time was 4:45 am. I was finally dropped off at CMBT office at 5:10 am. This is my fastest ever travel between thrissur and chennai.