Volvo B9R


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So Orange Travels is operating PBC Celeste Volvo B11R Sleeper buses christened as "Platinum Sleeper Class" on:
  1. Hyderabad - Bhubasneswar [retained since launch]
  2. Hyderabad - Ernakulam
  3. Bengaluru - Mumbai
  4. Bengaluru - Pune
  5. Bengaluru - Vizag [Short terminated Bhubaneswar service]
  6. Chennai - Vizag
  7. Pune - Ahmedabad
  8. Pune - Nagpur
Did I miss any?

So there are 16 PBC Celeste Volvo B11R Sleeper. May be the only operator in India to have this many buses.

2 more of Starz build.
Bangalore-Vijayawada is missed. This one doesn't see, to be a regular service, though.


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I started falling in love with B9r Multiaxle on 2009 after 10 years still love B9r (ishift ofcourse) more than B11r and Scania :)
Scania I did not like compared to Volvo B9R or B11R. It made Volvo come with AMT, if they had not entered then Volvo would be with MT.


Bengaluru<>Goa Trip

Haven't posted here for quite a while, and having some spare time decided to break the jinx. Last weekend I undertook a trip to Mapusa (Goa) to attend a colleague's wedding. Onward journey was on Saturday (9th) by KSRTC Airavat CC, in their 8:30 PM Panjim service. I had originally booked in the 7:30 PM service but that was cancelled by the Corporation and my ticket transferred to the 8:30 PM service 3 days prior to the journey.

Departed from Majestic Bus Station at 9:15 PM, a 45 mins delay. I thought dinner stop wouldn't be there but we stopped at Shree Rathnam after Nelmangala at around 10:45 PM. Since I already had my dinner, didn't take anything. Driving style was sleep friendly. But the AC blower was kept at a high setting and even after keeping the vent closed, a light jacket, and KSRTC provided blanket, it was cold. Lot of diversions were there on the highway coz of road widening works. After we turned off the Highway just before Hubli, the going got a bit rough.

The Arabian Sea said namaste to us at Karwar. By then it was broad daylight and we were running quite late. Had a short parallel run with the Chandigarh bound Kerala Sampark Kranti Express, with the train getting the better of us. Finally reached Panjim at 10:45, with a 1.45 hrs delay. From there I took a local private bus to Mapusa. Btw, most of the private buses in those areas are old and bartered.

Return was the same evening by Kadamba Transport's 6:30 PM Bengaluru service. It was a Volvo 9400 12m bus and departed bang on time. The KTC drivers were a bit more aggressive than KSRTC drivers and we kept good pace along the narrow Goan roads. I slept off after we left Margao and woke up when we stopped for dinner somewhere near Ankola. Had a light dinner there and slept off once we started. Woke up when daylight streamed in and we were nearing Tumkur only. The seats had USB charging but the ones on mine were broken. Also unlike in KSRTC, no blanket or water is provided. But the AC was kept at a comfortable 23C with the blower at minimum. So it was comfortable. Finally reached KBS at 8:15 AM, with a 45 mins delay.


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Scania I did not like compared to Volvo B9R or B11R. It made Volvo come with AMT, if they had not entered then Volvo would be with MT.
Volvo brought the iShift much before the Scania came. The Euro3 B11Rs were available only with iShift, while it was optional on the B9R.