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Looks like Parveen Travels Volvo MAV doing Tirunelveli to Bangalore has hit pedestrians while speeding inside madurai city killing 4 people.

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Rest in Peace pedestrians who lost their life.
We cannot blame any one here! It appears in this incident, it was driver's fault. The group might have confused the driver. Also group would not have anticipated the speed of the bus.
Pedestrians lost their life. Driver has to now keep attending court cases or would be jailed.


Luckily the fares of Bangalore - Ernakulam are not on higher side compared to Bangalore - Hyderabad route.
I think they reduced it to realistic rates. Last Sunday when I browsed for Ernakulam>Bangalore tickets, it was listed at 1900! Most seats were unsold while all their other services were sold out. So maybe they realized it's too high and thus brought it down to 1400 for weekdays and 1500+ for weekends. With the current rates, it's sold out for today and very few seats left for next friday.

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Travel Reviews:

Last month was full of road travels and I just thought of sharing 4 of it.

Salem- Hyderabad Morning star Travels (Volvo Celeste Sleeper):
This is my maiden journey in that route. So first choice was obviously the Celeste. Orange Volvo has all seats on single side being booked. So went for morning star. Price was a bomb at Rs.2300. it's a 4:30pm coimbatore service. The boarding time at Salem was 7:30pm and the bus was on time ( still a long time as regular government buses do it in 3hrs).
We started at 7:40pm and stopped for motel at 8:30pm for 39mins.
The seats were good. But no amenities including entertainment system or water bottle (shocking for the price they charge). The bus was gliding slowing towards Bangalore. A little traffic meaning we are delayed. Hebbal exit was at 1am.
After that, bus starts zooming. A small break near kurnool. We entered the Hyderabad outskirts by 8:45am. Pickup van waited at armghar for taking people inside. I was the sole traveler left in the bus towards Gochibowli. Dropped at 9:45am.

A/c was ok. No hard braking. Seats were good. But the time taken till Bangalore can be reduced drastically to drop Hyderabad at 7am.

Journey 2:

Bangalore to Hyderabad: Aeon connect Day service

Within a week had to travel to Hyderabad again.Found it cheaper to try from Bangalore. So chose the Aeon Connect Day service Scania.
Price: Rs.900
Boarding- Electronic city at 12:15pm. Had pickup across the city and Hebbal exit was at 2:30pm.

From the word go, they were in business. It's the old workhorse of Aeon. But was doing good. Driver was maintaining at 100kmph. Reached Ana nthpur at 4:20pm. The driver change at Gooty. The rest stop was pathetic.
The second driver too was kept the vehicle at 100kmph constantly. We entered kurnool at 7:30pm. 5-6 deboarded and 15 people boarded and the bus was full. We reached the Hyderabad airport at 10pm and I was dropped at mehadipattinam by 10.20pm.

It was a really good day service. Occupancy for a Tuesday at 80% is not bad but I was surprised by the low ratings it has got (3.2 I guess). BTW they gave water bottles and movie was played the entire duration

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Journey 3:
Back to Tamil Nadu

Date: 9/5/19
Chennai to Nagercoil
YBM Mercedes Benz (MG Dreamz) - Chennai trivandrum

Boarding time (Sch/ Act): 6:40pm/ 7:10pm

First thought when I needed to travel down south was the new Dreamz which was doing the rounds. Immediately booked for side upper (RS.1400)

The bus arrival at perungalathur boarding was delayed by 30mins. Meanwhile Kerala lines and Evacay Volvo's to Pathanamthitta crossed me.
Then the Majesty arrived. Boarding was quick. First obviously noting was there is no door between driver cabin and berths.

Next BIG thing: Seats were supper comfy (Morning star Celeste was nothing to near to this) and u can sit with no fear of hitting the roof. The usual amenities of YBM (includes head phones) were given. YBM has decided to sacrifice 4 berths for a toilet

We stopped for dinner near acharapakkam at 8:30pm. Kerala lines had stopped just before I guess. Evacay to Pathanamthitta joined us soon. A little later Evacay to trivandrum joined us. We started at 9pm. Slowly crawling through slightly busy roads till villupuram had few pickup and started again. Just after ulundurpet, Evacay trivandrum service zoomed past us ( Shows who is the real boss). We reached Trichy by 12:15, Madurai by 2pm.

Meanwhile coming back to ease of usage, MG should have given a little thought. Everyone were searching for berth numbers (it engraved on sides of berth with no light) and the toilet doors - 90% people couldn't find a way to open it. Attender has to come each time for it. And closing needs a big bang on doors.

There was no smell or whatever. The driving was also sedate. No sign of acceleration, braking. Best for overnight sleep.
Nagercoil scheduled drop was 5pm and the bus reached at 5:30pm.

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Journey 4:

EVACAY Volvo - Spl. Service (Marthandam - Chennai)

For return, chose the beast in the route. But initially was confused as they had 2 service at same time. After searching, confirmed that EVACAY running 3 services for the weekend.
5:30pm from trivandrum
9:50pm from Marthandam (spl)
8:30pm from trivandrum.

Last 2 services share same timing from Marthandam and has same ratings in redbus (4.6). Immediately booked in spl service. Nagercoil timing was 10:30pm.

Sharp at 10:30pm entered : uts sleeper bus, EVACAY Mercedes Benz as spl service instead of volvo, NeeVee Volvo, Evacay Volvo.

EVACAY Volvo had a bad hit in rear. NeeVee and EVACAY Volvo started immediately. Our Benz had a long boarding. We reached petrol bunk on outskirts. Volvo filled and started at 11pm and we started at 11:15pm. We we're steadily moving till Tirunelveli for pickup. We overtook the SRM Scania and Kallada Volvo (both started at10:15pm from nagercoil). We exited Tirunelveli at 12:25am.

The interiors were still looking great and they were playing mild music. Perfect situation to doze off. Being the last bus to Chennai from nagercoil, the road was mostly empty and we were zooming. Took the byepass at madurai and reached madurai toll at 2:30pm. Crossed the Evacay Volvo at viralimalai toll (they were waiting for us) and they again crossed us at samayapuram toll at 4am. Driver change happened. Drivers and cleaner were happy on this route compared to Bangalore as it needed frequent boarding. We crossed villupuram at 5:45am. The traffic then started to build-up. Overtook the Evacay Volvo again at Chengalpet toll and I was dropped off at perungalathur at 7:45am.
8:45 hrs for Nagercoil to Chennai. I relatively good speed and getting good loads each day.

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Kanade travels from Mumbai has started new I-shift multi axle bus services from

Pics from the gallery section of travels website

Looks very good :)

Awaiting response from travellers

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