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KSRTC has withdrawn Mysore - Mumbai Airavata Dream Class Service and is now plying that bus on Mysore - Bangalore - Chennai route!
Service is shown as SPL and is showing up for booking in July month ONLY as of now.
They had withdrawn the Mysuru-Mumbai service from the start of July month. The fare was costlier than private operators. Mysuru depot never had the right intent to run the service in this route, this is since the ACC days. This Ambari Dream Class service was running in Mysuru-Bengaluru route for a short while.
Mumbai-Bangalore trip:

Hi friends.. Need for travel to Bangalore on Sunday and straightaway headed to domestic airport. There was a meeting scheduled on Sunday evening and other appointments on Monday afternoon. There were few flights in 2.5-3 K range. Before confirming the flight called up the person in Bangalore to confirm the meeting for the day. As luck would turn out that meeting was postponed and I had nothing to do till Monday afternoon....
It was raining outside as cab dropped me outside the airport. I just rolled back memories of travelling in bus which was routine for me around 10-12 years back. These days I don't travel much and this was my chance. I looked at options while rain slowed down. I slowly walked till vile parle bridge and clock was around 10.30 am. I needed a single sleeper or semi sleeper in front or middle. Both options were not available as occupancy was very high on sunday and most buses were full.
As I was waiting near the signal a 30 seater approached and was heading to pune. I got in and started my road trip by paying 300 rupees for air conditioned travel up to pune. Almost 30 seats were occupied and driver was very fast. Charging points were ON and AC was optimum. They scouted for passengers at every stop but we kept moving not wasting time. Reached Food Mall around 1.30 pm and 20 minutes break was announced.
The mall was full to its capacity and I was waiting outside busy searching options from Pune. I zeroed in on Mohan travels ex-ghatge from Pune to Kolhapur and SRS sleeper from Kolhapur to Bangalore. I wanted to book Kolhapur Bangalore sector first because Pune Kolhapur was wide open. Again glitch at last moment and that booking was not confirmed. Same time SRS Scania and Sharma Volvo entered the parking. I straight away approached Sharma driver, 50+ guy. He happily offered me a seat and told me to bring my luggage. We negotiated a bit but both were happy to arrive at a figure. He informed assistant to open the boot for my bag and told me to come back after lunch. They locked the bus and left.
After around half an hour we were in the bus. The driver told me to relax in seat 3 and 4 till belgaum and he will give me a different seat from belgaum as there were bookings done for those seats.
It was a run down volvo B9R ishift. There were rattles all around. Calf support would get released if there was a hump or rough patch. But the pick up was very good and we started doing good speeds. AC was set to 25 and movie was played. Soon we entered ghat section and beast responded very well. It was raining heavily and passing khandala ghat in monsoon is a very pleasant experience. At few places there were cars parked on road side and people were taking selfies but these cars were blocking heavy vehicle traffic. Big trucks were having tough time because of these cars and our bus also had to negotiate this issue. But people were careless and there was a lot of trash thrown around in those places. I wish authorities would control this matter...
We moved swiftly towards Pune. Bus was around 50% full. We had pick up at Wakad and Hinjewadi bridge. Reached Katrej around 4 pm. Here few more passengers boarded and some luggage was loaded in the belly. In fact the belly was full and there was still more luggage left to be loaded to Bangalore. They called up the second bus and sleeper bus from Mumbai to check and informed them to load the remaining luggage. Pune weather was excellent outside with slight drizzle. Meantime I had tea and got some snacks. We started moving around 4.15 pm after first driver slipped into belly for rest. Second driver was 40+guy. He was much faster than the first one but totally in control. He pushed the beast to maximum on dry patches and slowed down when there was rain. Cleaner distributed water bottles here to all passengers.
Khed shivpur toll was blocked and we lost around 10 mins there. Few passengers requested for bio break at toll booths and driver was very accommodating and never lost temper. He negotiated the slow moving trucks efficiently without losing speed because these heavy truckers never stuck to one lane. It was a nice long and fast journey before we stopped at kini toll and he gave 5 mins to sip tea. While having tea he confirmed that there is usually 1-2 hours delay in reaching bangalore due to road repairs between Haveri and Chitradurga.
We pulled for dinner around 9.40 pm at Shriram hotel before Belgaum. SRS Scania from Mumbai joined us. Two National semi sleepers and some other ksrtc buses were there in the parking.
The washrooms were clean and i felt this hotel is far better than other stops in the stretch. Food was a bit pricey but good quality and taste. A separate section for non vegetarians is available as well.
We started moving after around 35 mins, with first driver at the wheel. In around 20 mins we reached Belgaum bye pass and more passengers boarded. I was allotted a seat in the middle of the bus from here but to my luck adjacent seat was empty. This allowed me to stretch a bit and in fact I was waiting to sleep after Belgaum. Soon boarding finished and second driver went into belly for the rest. As bus started moving sleep got better of me and I vaguely remember some hard brakes and rough patches. I had a long nice sleep and woke up when bus stopped at Guyilalu toll for Bio break at 3.10 am
Now the second driver took the charge from here on and we made quick progress. I again slept and woke up when cleaner called for passengers to get down at dasarahalli. I too alighted at Dasarahalli at 6.40 am.
The main drawback in the bus is seats which were very dirty and badly need maintenance. Otherwise I enjoyed the ride. Pick up was good and AC was comfortable. Engine noise was a bit high but understandable. Both drivers were efficient and in fact all three crew were very polite and courteous. They chatted with passengers and responded positively to break requests.
Thanks for reading.........

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