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The days of Hebron and Evacay are over - they are off roads for sometime now. Currently, it is the ever reliable Parveen, Blow hot and cold RKK as well as TAT are the most regular evening services. Asian seems to shuffling quite bit as most seaters are being replaced by sleepers.
What about the 'come what may, we are the bullies' KPN , within TN routes ? Is their passenger-transport business still flourishing or barely surviving ? Been a few years since my last 'intercity bus trip' hence no idea who are ruling the roost now.


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NAGPUR To PUNE : Orange Travels Volvo B11R MG Starz Sleeper Full Journey Compilation

This video showcases the full journey onboard the newly started Orange Travels Volvo B11R (MG Starz Model) AC Sleeper. This was their first pair of MG Starz buses operating on the Pune-Nagpur-Pune route, (now they are also operating on the Mumbai/Pune-Bengaluru route). This route is offered by a pair of buses one in white colour and the other in red, this video consists of the white coloured Volvo B11R. Actually Orange Travels had 2 services for Pune (now 3), one was Volvo B11R Celeste AC Sleeper (which I had tried on Pune-Nagpur) and the other one was this bus, they use to rotate both the buses for their 18:00 and 19:00 schedules and hence the buses used to change their schedules alternatively. It was very difficult to determine that when would the 'MG Starz' would run and at what schedule. After a good research, I figured out and booked the 19:00 schedule bus. It was my one of the best journeys as it left Nagpur (Wadi) at around 20:20 and reached Pune (Kharadi) around 08:30-08:40 (i.e. in just 12 hours). Also the ride quality and the interiors were very good and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and it is really recommended to use Orange Travels both, Volvo Celeste Sleeper as well as Volvo Starz Sleeper, both are very good and punctual.

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For KSRTC Ambaari Dream Class is not getting good feedback on Mangalore-Pune route. Can be seen in the Pricing, this week. B11R Semi-sleeper Mangalore-Mumbai fares are higher than Mangalore-Pune Sleeper service.
Without Entertainment system and uncomfortable to seat is making this least option.
Clicked well in Bangalore - Hyderabad route which is 9-10 hours of travel. For more duration, the Ambaari Dream Class journey is not exciting.

08th pair was delivered last week, not sure which route KSRTC is going to deploy.


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Orange Travels has deployed alternate day Pune - Indore MAV Sleeper [42 berths], not sure it is Celeste or Starz or Scania,


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Thats almost 13000 rupees for a 500-600 kms journey . i dont think you will find many takers for this kind of uber premium services.
The distance is 500km 8 hr hour drive 14 sleeper rooms with washroom. Rs 13000 may be expensive but all depends on the cost of ticket of Shinkasen Bullet train and flight cost. Cost of living 7n Japan is high.