Volvo B9R


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These buses [Volvo B8R] are expected to run in Mangalore - Coimbatore or Bangalore - Coimbatore via Mysuru.
They'll run Bangalore-Coimbatore, Mysore-Bangalore-Coimbatore, Bangalore-Thrissur, Bangalore-Kannur-Kanhangad, Mangalore-Mysore-Coimbatore, Bangalore-Kollur and Bangalore-Gokarna (via Sirsi). That makes for 14 buses, and probably Mysore would get a spare bus as well. They are getting a total of 15 buses. First lot is going to Mysore-2 & Bangalore-4 depots.


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Friends, need your feedback.

Does the KSRTC Mumbai Mangaluru KSRTC Airavat Club Class go via Belman as One can go through Karkala via udupi via other route which does not include Shirva - Manchakal - Nitte route
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