Volvo B9R


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The vehicle was quite new - hardly 2 months old it seems. So the tyres wouldn't have been in bad shape - but can never say. The news media have claimed the tyre of the truck burst and it jumped the median. For some reason, I quite think the driver might have dozed off.
When it jumped off the median tyre might have burst off.
Looking at time of the accident all probability of driver dozing off.


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Last week I saw one MG Starz near toll on Nasik -Dhule sector.May be Mumbai-Indore/Bhopal.It looks stunning in the night.

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Sorry to know about the accident.
Rest in peace

Though I am sure the reason, my suspect is to run the vehicle post Tyre's life. Or the Lorry Driver would have dozed off and crossed the Median!
What is the fault of the people, traveling in the bus and losing precious life. This has just happened in the split of seconds when they were deep asleep.

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Adding rear view of the bus:


Oops realised captured wrongly

Interior Gold Stone individual entertainment system control:

Audio jack to connect earphones


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Quick bus review:
Interior of bus clean.
Boarded the bus at Miyapur 10 min behind schedule.
Heavy traffic till Patancheru, reached ORR continued in ORR till Rajendra Nagar exit to reach Aramghar.
Picked up rest of the passengers and departed around 8:50 PM.
Stopped for dinner at Sukh Sagar Jadcherla at 10 PM.
Dinner break 45 minutes.
Reached Devanahalli toll at 5:20 AM.
Dropped passengers in Bangalore and proceeded to Mysore NON Stop to enter at 8:40 AM.
I was mentally prepared for delay due to higher traffic.


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On board Orange Travels Volvo Multi Axle B9R modified sleeper KA01AB5898
OTT 93 doing Hyderabad to Mysore
Body modified by Prakash
Are you sure its converted by Prakash? It doesn't look like a Prakash work. I think this was by Nandi Coach Works, Bangalore.


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The bus toppled after the driver of a private bus lost control of the vehicle, leaving several injured.

Read more at: 10 injured as bus topples in Mysuru's Hunsur town
Looks like the unofficially extended chassis version. Could that be the reason for loss of control? Sharp cuts while overtaking may result in this type of scenario IMO. And what about insurance claims? Will they be honoured if the bus has violated the bodybuilding code?