Volvo B9R

During this Covid 19 lockdown seems that SRM Scania made trips to mumbai, pune etc...recently saw a video in you tube that SRM scania running on Pune-Mumbai express highway...


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Why u talking like this..
U can belive or not dats not my mistake.
But your talking style not good.
If i put my bus photos many other bus operaters...
Dats effect my comapny.
So am not post pics before my bus launch.
I will put my buses photos..after my longing ceremony.
I will inagurate you to all....
If u send your number i will send pic peroanaly.
Or i will send scania number u can talk .....
Am a keep respect man....u messaged d me am replying datsall

Dats my sttyle..who told u i hve no idea.
Man i have idea and route also cinfirmed
But so many feedbacks i will get on this chat i ivae 10 route buses amd tourist fresh in omni industry so just feedbacks ideas. Asked to theorly studied man...why u fireing man .. keep not intrsetes to chat or replying so sorry....
One mistake i did replyed to u.....if u send your number i will acll now..we can meet..real..not in forum man..

U cam belive or busiensss.
.who caresss. .lol

Then ok bye da.mone.....

Nb.we respect and take respect are only memner talk like this ..
So you have 10 buses operating on Stage Carriers [Route bus]. Which routes, do you operate?
Are they AL or TATA or Eicher?
Please post the pics in AL/Tata Forum, we will enjoy the pics of your Stage Carrier buses.
What is the average kmpl you're getting in your Stage Carrier buses? Are they BS III or BS IV buses?