Volvo B9R


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Eicher was not a competitor to Volvo. In fact, Volvo had entered into a JV with Eicher long ago. Now the Volvo buses portfolio is being shifted to the JV. The purchase is at a consideration price, and it is more of an accounting "sale".
Well Eicher - Volvo JV was entered for sharing knowledge.
Volvo B8R engine was manufactured by Eicher.
Eicher may not be a true competitor to Volvo. Yes in recent times JV was formed.
So you never know next, who will be your boss.
Hi all, I hope all are safe in this situation. Today morning, I saw Gujarat Travels , Aatmaram Travels and MR travels buses on the NH4 Pune.Gujarat Travels bus was heading towards Kolhapur side and Aatmaram & MR travels bus was heading towards Mumbai side.I have seen all this buses in the span of 2-3 minutes only as I was by passing the Highway. Has private bus journeys started again ???