Volvo B9R


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Yesterday morning around 7:30 AM, I saw MR bus Service near Hospet. I was surprised to see the bus on Hospet Bypass.
I believe MR Bus Service has clubbed Jodhpur - Bangalore and Hyderabad. Somewhere between Pune and Solapur; I assume or guess the passengers might have been transferred.

During the month of June and July; I have seen regularly the MR Bus Service and BR Bus Service coming from Jodhpur to Hyderabad. The service was twice or thrice a week.


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I saw this Intra city Volvo Bus 9100 belonging to 24/7 operator (Hyderabad) moving below Fatehnagar flyover (near old airport Hyderabad) which connects Sanath Nagar to Balkampet move in the small lane.

When bus entered the lane below the bridge I was sceptical the bus will pass below flyover as the pillars are very narrow and I thought driver will cause traffic jam.
However Driver skillfully maneuvered the bus with out any trouble.
3 cheers to the driver and Salute him.



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Would watch this video over and over again just for the air horn sound!
Video Courtesy: Respective Owner!
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hello everyone. Hope things will turn better soon... for travellers and people surviving in travel industry. VRL has started volvo non ac sleeper from Bengaluru to Mumbai today but only 6 berths booked till 2 pm.