Volvo B9R


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Is that volvo b9r sleeper?? Some tv channels showed original bus as veera sleeper(AL)
This has 3 Axles.
34 people onboard.
B9R has battery below driver seat and Diesel tank in first luggage compartment. This is probable cause for bus to catch fire.
B11R has Diesel tank in last compartment and battery at the end.
Does any travels allow 2 Check-in bags from hyderabad to bangalore(each 20 kgs around) and we are 2 persons. I do see all travels specifying 15kgs only. so just wanted to check. From redbus i see rajesh volvo sleeper allows 20kgs. But i don't see any info on their website.
Also if i need to pay more how much will be extra ?
Trying to book sleeper bus.