Volvo B9R


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Hi everyone, i had an opportunity to travel in a Volvo B9R (Multi Axle) from Chennai to Trivandrum last week and i bet this was easily the best of all buses.

While travelling, in noticed that no other bus dared to challenge this monster machine.

I could see all the other vehicles except some faster cars stepped aside to leave way for this bus.

Coming to interior, it was great. The ride was so smooth even when the driver hit 120 in speedo, the seat and leg space were so comfortable as i felt like travelling by a luxuary car. The bus was so smooth. :)

It regularly starts from chennai at 8.00 pm and reaches trivandrum around 7.00 am (750 kms in 11 hrs). thats a whooping speed. Like to travel in this monster machine again.:)
That is great, I never got the opportunity to travel in a bus like that.


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