Volvo B9R


How often do you update seat covers in your bus?
Do you have any reliable company who is doing it?
I like WetOkole seat covers. I bought the covers for my, my wife's and my father's cars there. Everyone is pleased with them. They are easy to clean and waterproof. You can look for Volvo seat covers there. I'm sure you will find good-looking ones there as this store offers a wide choice.


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KSM Roadlines Brand New Volvo 9600s B11R VECV Built Multiaxle AC Sleeper to Start Connecting Bengaluru & Hyderabad from today
Pic Credits : buses the road kings


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KSRTC stopped Mangalore - Pune Ambari Utsav and replaced it by Airavat Club Class. Does anyone know the reason for the same?
Commuters preferred Club Class over Utsav. Dream Class was acceptable, higher fare of Utsav made seat occupancy go down.
Utsav is pulled off from Mangalore - Pune and is now deployed on Mangalore-Bangalore which has higher seat occupancy.