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The reason why staffs in BIG Operators (ABT, VRL, Sharma) are friendly is they don't feel much pressure from their top management. B'coz top players like sharma vrl and all don't depend their business completely on passengers, they actually mint more money from parcels they load in their buses. You can see sharma,vrl runs about 5 buses daily from ban to mum and vice versa with luggages over their top and in belly.
whereas small operators such as national, sangita travels etc with one or two volvos dont do much parcel services and depend entirely on passengers. Thats why they all start lately waiting for even the last seats to be filled. Also the tax the omni buses pay is around 3000 rs per seat for a quarter year. And for the drivers maximum they may get 6000 or 7000 rs per month (I think so!) in che-ban.
SRM Travels is a different case as they are not only bus operator but they also own university and other businesses therefore they dont care much about seat filled. As said before SRM still plies mark-2 in che-tvm route and the bus maintenance is great on the otherhand I happened to see paulo mutiaxle volvo running between chennai and goa:( . People! if any one happened to see it u wont believe it is a volvo which is very sad to look with too many stickers and shivering RVM. In Kpn travels I saw the 2+1 volvo running between Chennai egmore and bangalore lost its right RVM and they fixed a normal mirror in the driver window which is very awkward to see If Akash Passey look at these buses he will cry :p .


Volvos with normal mirrors???. pathetic site to see. i happened to see a Kesineni Volvo which i think plies to Hyderabad from chennai. I was driving my bike and i saw he volvo smoothly passing by me. I didn't even felt a vehicle passing me. There was hardly a sound in the bus. when it started passing me, i increased my speed to 60 and even then it passed me and disappeared in a moment... thats was a very smooth site to watch.
I have seen a lot of volvo busses which have a steady stream of water running out from the backside of the bus. Any particular reason?


Its common to all the AC buses. the water output will always be there. but it'll be slow and gradual in a good conditioned bus...


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Trichy trip

Last week tuesday night made a urgent trip to Trichy Bhel. On tuesday evening it was confirmed i should be at trichy the next morning and one of my other bangalore branch staff also need to come to trichy (he didn't have Yugathi holidays :() . I was in a confused state to do my trip in which way. I was little bit anxious in trying SRM Multi axle volvo , but one problem is i am not sure if they pick trichy passengers the next is rathimeena new 9400 trivandrum service starting at 07.30 and again this one also failed as they would be reaching trichy in midnight and I cant do anything in that odd hours. The next one is Kpn travels but they told the volvo starts from Egmore and not from Koyambedu and they said only Berth A/C is available, hmmm. again I am not interested in berth, My mood even went to better take SETC A/C as they would definitely take 8 hours so that I may be reaching trichy early morning.
And surprise when i driving near kasi theatre overtook me is a ABT Travels. My God! how did i forget this one. I quickly followed him and reached CMBT and parked my bike in two wheeler parking and walked to the omni bus stand. The Office of ABT is in the entrance itself next to SRM travels. I went inside the office and enquired and found seats availabe and departure is at 10.15 pm and the fare is Rs. 515/- (little bit worried as I dont think I can claim such big amount from my Kompani :( , but who cares :cool:). the time is now 07.10 pm and I got 3 hours to spend out. I went to the nearby tasmac bar and had a cold beer (which is very rare to get nowadays in chennai). I killed the time by drinking slowly and meanwhile called my colleague at bangalore to find where is he?. He told he struck in a heavy traffic in bangalore and he was going to kalasipalayam and he booked the ticket in KPN Berth A/C and the dep. time is 1030 pm. And by 08.45 i left the bar (after having one full beer and mini beer) and went to adyar anand bavan and had just two naans and walked straight away to travels busstand. Now the travels stand was in its peak hours as buses entering and departing every minute and travel agents were roaming here and there to pick passengers.
I revolved around the busstand, The buses found waiting are KPN 09.15 salem-tirupur nonac, 0900 pm coimbatore berth ac, 0900 pm madurai nonac, In rathimeena 09.00 pm Kanyakumari is getting reverse, kesineni classy AC to vijayawada entering, parveen travels volvo entering, Mettur super service entering, dhanunjaya multi axle getting out, SHAMA SARDAR volvo waiting outside. YOHALAKSHMI travels, MJT superservice are loading parcels from TATA 407 to the bus top:shock: i wnet back to ABT office & enquired, he told me to wait in the opp. waiting room. I waited with other passengers. At 0950 they called of salem,erode passengers and by 10.05 they called 1015trichy passengers. I took my bag n followed the person my bus was waiting outside bustand and I entered entered the bus, I amazed when I saw the interiors & seat layout, wow! the seat and legrest where of highquality fabrics and the ac is good, distributed 1/2 ltr SABOL waterbottle, shawl is nice. Sharply by 1015 the bus moved and took straight in maduravoyil bypass reached Perunguladur and picked 1 passenger moved within a second from the spot.
I never expected such an output from an ashokleyland engine, damn! he was flying on the road, ovvertaking every vehicles including cars, setc, other omni buses, everything. The driver made max. overtake in leftside only, the only fellow followed us Kpn volvo (don't know it is going to which place) but he too didnt overtake us. By 00.35 we are at melmaruvathur for a 10mins break the engine was kept on, the bus had only 7 passengers including me. By 0055 bus started again and the driver never gave up the speed constantly getting back to 1st gear and on, By 0320 am we were at samayapuram and by 0340 we are in the central bustand I gotoff from the bus.
So here it is.,.,Punctuality-Bus departed exactly by 1015 and reached trichy at 0340 am distance (360 kms). Maintenance-Its an Ashokleyland engine and the body work is by Prakash, though the engine noise is more its not disturbing, AC is effective, shawl is clean, seats(semisleeper) are more comfortable, middle arm rest are broad. STAFF:Right from the travel agent to the bus cleaner everyone gave proper reply. Though they charge costly but definitely worth for the service. Overall ABT Travels onceagain proved they are Pioneer in this business.
Experience of my return trip in Kpn volvo and my colleague trip from Bangalore to Trichy will be followed shortly.


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Trichy to Chennai

After successfully incompleting \\:D/ the given job in Bhel, we returned to our staff's bachelor's room by evening 06.45. Me and my Bangalore buddy relaxed ourself little bit. I and the trichy staff went back to Central Bus stand to get tickets, I am very much satisfied with the service of ABT Travels but instead opted for KPN volvo. We went to the Kpn booking office (which is underground of a complex looking like a Den) and enquired for availability and found available, i requested for a window seat and got ticket and called my ban. buddy 'he cried no!no! don't book a berth for me and we made a ticket in multiaxle volvo for bangalore.

We got back to the room and chitchatted until the time is 0900 pm and we started making up and took an auto while our friend followed in the bike to central bus stand went to hotel rajasugam had a light dinner, the pick point of kpn travels is little bit far away from central busstand after Hotel tamilnadu and entered their office, they took both of our tickets and issued a boarding pass (still I could not understand the handwriting in the boarding pass :grin:), There is no parking place there and buses are waiting in the corner of the roads.

There is already a Non-Ac bus waiting for chennai which came from unknown destination and the passengers inside were peeking their neck outside (like crane :p ) to see when the bus will move. Then came a Berth Ac to Chennai. There was no enough place to sit in the waiting hall and we came outside watching the traffic. Later came a very old Sharma NonAc airbus (truly very old similar to old rajahamsa which was used in 2002-03, I don't know why Sharma has partiality to small routes, they provide good buses in mumbai side why not for TN! Already spotted a Mark-I volvo in chennai-bangalore route:mad:).

The time is now 10.30 pm and Kpn made a long queue of buses on both side of the road but none of the buses moved:confused: . Passengers were getting inside the bus, getting down for a leak, buying water bottles, 7up, pulling the socks of a kid etc.etc., and after some confusion 2 buses started together both heading to chennai and a 2+1 executive non ac to bangalore departed. Again 1 more non-ac arrived and after passengers boarded it left immediately. By 10.55 arrived my bus to chennai it was a Mark-II volvo but looks well maintained (probably it had a service). My seat was in the last before seat left row. My copassenger was elder gentleman (truly gentle he never reclined his seat till chennai). I got down from the bus and found the bangalore multi-axle volvo has arrived , it was grey coloured and looks fresh it was parked parallel to our volvo on the otherside of the road.

My bus started first and went straight to samayapuram, picked two passengers quickly touched the four lane and had a HIGH Speed, the engine sound was low but the ac unit in the middle of the bus roof was screaming like taking off an aeroplane. The driver was very rash and bus was zigzagging in the road 2 feet manovuer. He continuosly blaring horn in the middle of the night disturbing many front row people including other vehicles (probably the driver window is left open). By 0150 i wake from the sleep by loud song playing in a hotel, i left my shawl down and went for a naturecall and came back. I was very tired to even stand and got in the bus keeping an eye on the dashboard and closed my eyes. I dont know when the bus moved and by 0335 am the lights were on and the cleaner shouted Tambaram, i woke up and combed my hair by 0405 am i was dropped at guindy.

So my opinion is Maintenance:Volvo Mark II semisleeper surely had an service recently bcoz the engine is quiet (forgetting the AC), the dashboard had all the panel lights working. Punctuality: None of the buses departed on time all waiting for unknown reason though already the parcels are loaded and the passengers are in. My bus departure time is 10.30 pm but came by 10.55 and left at 11.05 pm. break for some 10 mins and reached Guindy at 04.05 exactly 5 hours journey. STAFF: nothing good or bad to say. But the driver may be in his late 30's was very fast must be doing more that 100 or 105 kms was doing a very dangerous overtaking not even sparing cars, he keep on pressing the horn instead of dimdipping the headlamps which is irritating, though it is thrilling for me it is really a very dangerous ride I hope the front row fellows didnt have their sleep :p ) and did the 360 kms trip in 5 hours.
Overall a MORE THAN AVERAGE service by Kpn travels

My Buddy's Bangalore trip is to follow soon...


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only 7 passengers and they still moved - that is what every single private and govt run operator should do. I have seen pathetic instances of operators waiting endlessly to pick up more and more and more passengers! Or waiting endlessly to stuff in more courier parcels. Case - Travelling by Volvo B7R bus in India: VRL Multi-axle Volvo B9R: Pune to Bangalore route experience
This is something KSRTC does during off peak hours.

Returned home from bangalore today on a volvo with 16 passenger onboard.

Even with half the number of passengers,they still make profits.

BTW,these days. Tata has introduced Marcopolo buses to compete with volvos plying as city buses. Those buses get a serious thumbs down for being v.noisy,slow and polluting.