Volvo B9R


we cannot compare the Volvo B7RLE and Tata's Marcopolo in Chennai. I think the Marcopolo's can compete with the Ashok leyland buses. They are absolutely low on power and the noise was also more.

There is a huge craze for Volvos in Chennai and cities around chennai. I travelled in a B7RLE to Vellore and came back in another B7RLE. The travel was sooo smooth. The Volvo overtook all the govt and private buses which came their way. On my return i reached chennai koyambedu bus stand in exactly 2 hours.


I travelled to pondicherry in a TNSTC B7RLE. i have travelled in it before and everytime the bus will start from koyambedu only when the bus becomes full. but this time to my surprise, the bus started exactly in time even when some seats are still empty. The bus was scheduled to start at 10 and it started exactly at 10. I was amazed to see Tamil Nadu public transport getting better. The conductor was very strict to start the bus in time.

One very live example for this was, one person wanted to go in the AC bus and he said the conductor that he is waiting for one other passenger and the passenger will come in another 5 mins. But the conductor said that it is time and they started the bus without boarding the passenger. This is amazing. If the govt transport goes like this, more people will be attracted to travel in them.

My experiences while return follows next...


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B7R vs KingLong vs B7RLe

I did many trips in chennai-bangalore route (alteast once in a month).moslty my First preference is
1. KSRTC AIRAVAT (comfortable ride, timingly reach, waterbottles :grin:)
2. RAJAHAMSAS (starts max. 10 mins late will pick hosur passengers stop in motel, But very noisy buses reaches within 7 hours.
3. LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST SETC 831UD.max. they will start 1/2 hr late travel all over guindy, porur., pick all Vellore,Ambur, Krishnagiri passengers, get into vellore busstand, stops in hotel, driver-cum-conductor.
4.Never tried for Travels buses due to factor they end up in madiwala and I need to go upto Yeshwantpur(Also more costly for the service they provide. I think it is nearly 720 rupees :eek: for Kpn Multiaxle volvo )

Travelled from Chennai to Bangalore on 2nd April in Airavat volvo(via chittoor) and return back on 4th april same in Airavat. Bus started from Majestic 1020pm (actual time is 10.10 due to hoilday time there was some confusion between regular buses and spl buses). Our bus reached krishnagiri tollgate by 11.40 pm. From here the fun started, there was a huge traffic in tollgate in that odd hours. It took more than 15 mins to cross the gate. As soon as our bus neared the counter there was Parveen travels KingLong heading to chennai coming to our parallel, Since ours is a Govt.vehicle we started immediately. Our bus doing pretty good speed(very Old Mark II :() we soon reached Vellore-Chennai cut NH-4 and within few mins the kinglong guy came very near following us blinking headlamps. Our driver who was in no way to leave him as many vehicles, mostly long trailers, TNSTC-Salem express buses, so many UD buses, indica taxis etc. Our bus was doing compelely in left lane only.
The kinglong bus was very closely follwing us eagerly awaiting to overtake. He was chasing us for nearly 15-20 kms and finally when our bus missed to overtake a SETC UltraDeluxe he quickly came in between and overtook us. and we began to chase him but all in vain only the distance between us both is increasing he was doing high speed shoud be more than 100 kms I think. in nearly 5 mins he vanished from the sight.Not bad and again there was a second fun waiting .
The volvo b7rle from hosur to chennai was doing some 90 kms speed near ambur and we overtook him easily and when we reached pallikonda tollgate he too came parallel to us and started first. But now he was in a race mood and again a cat mouse chase started (I mean this time he is the mouse and we are the cat). This fellow not even going faster nor let us go. (As for all your kind information KSRTC volvos were speed governed in 100 Km/Hr). And after a little play by my dear TNSTC driver he let us go. And finally by 0430 am we are dropped at CMBT Bus stand.


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As been travelling in this route for many months, I've noticed many things in it.
1. In Chennai-Bangalore route KSRTC has given all Mark-II and atleast one Mark-I volvos only :mad:. Rather only the 10.00 pm & 11.35 pm buses to Mysore are only Mark-III :cool:.
2. The Multi-axle buses in the route are KPN travels (01.30 afternoon & 11.00 pm), Sharma transports, Paulo travels (03.00pm)
3. Other buses are
a. Kinglong (Parveen travels)
b. Swaraj Isuzu (Seabird tourist before that they used 9400)
c. Volvo Mark-II (sangita travels, shama sardar, Kpn travels (Egmore)
d. 9400 (Bharathi travels rarely use it mostly they too use Mark II)
e. Ordinary A/C Bus (SETC, ABT Travels, SRM Travels, Kpn travels)
f. sleeper (geepee travels, Kpn travels A/C ,recently ksrtc corona)
g. B7RLe TNSTC (upto Hosur) :rock:

4. Mostly Kpn Multiaxle, parveen kinglong, 11.10 pm airavat joins at Sriperambadur tollgate. The multiaxle, kinglong always overtake the airavat. KPN multiaxle stops for parcels in sriperambadur, vellore town.
The 10.10 pm airavat, chennai hosur b7Rle, Sharma transports Non A/C , MSS Travels, atleast one Non A/C Kpn travels, meets somewhat near arcot usually the ksrtc overtakes the B7rle & Sharma.

The above said folks (kpn multiaxle, kinglong, sharma non a/c, 2210 & 2310 pm airavats ) are very sportive in driving. Since observing them for many times I found they all enjoy driving and racing each other, because mostly they prefer to stick together and only due to speed factor ksrtc volvos are always left behind :( And all the buses meet just 5 mins difference in madiwala one after the other).


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On Nagpur - Hyderabad route section of NH7 ,I travelled in a B9R of Khurana Travels, the journey was excellent and confertable ,it took just 8 hours ,2 hours less than train.awsome.Khurana travels has got a connecting B7R bus from jabalpur to nagpur which is connecting B9R to Hyderabad ,Pune etc.I traveled from Jabalpur to Hyderabad in total 12 hours which is about 275+475=750 Kms.awsome


The B7RLe Hosur and Vellore buses are limited to 80 kmph speed. but this is enough to beat all the other buses in the by-pass. the bus is very quick and goes in a flash. the time taken to reach Koyambedu bus terminus from vellore is exactly 2 hours in a B7Rle. it covers 130kms in 2 hours. that is 65kmph avg speed. All the other buses takes min 2.5 hours to reach while the B7Rle is 30 mins quicker than other govt buses. Also the ride is very smooth and comfortable...


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Made a up and down trip to Nagercoil from chennai (680 kms) in SRM Multi axle.
So here is my Journey trip
I reached Koyambedu omni bus stand by 07.30 pm and went to the SRM Office and showed the ticket. They checked it and asked me to go to the 7th Platform (??????). Usually all the SRM buses start from Opposite their office itself but only their b9r alone start from inside the bustand in front of Renganathan travels.
My seat number 03 is in left row aisle seat. When I got into the bus the interior looked very neat with all the curtains closed, already there are few passengers in the bus. By 0800 Pm there was all the passengers got in and the drivers are waiting for 1 passenger and when the bus got reverse the last passenger came running, though the passenger came late the driver smilingly asked him why late? and the cleaner took his huge suitcase and placed it in the lower dikki. By 08.25 pm our bus came in front of its Office and one senior person came and nodded his head to go, and our bus took the Maduravoyil bypass and reached Perungaludhur By 09.15 and two more passengers got in. Now the Bus is 100 % occupied. By 09.20 pm the bus stopped near one temple and the cleaner went and brought kumkum and gave to both the drivers. And finally our bus started our real journey.
All the lights were switched off and they put the movie Thimiru (Vishal reddy, reema sen). The driver (Name is Babu, Cleaner Name is Palani) was really excellent in driving, he never went below 100 kms and did many hair raising overtakes and made shorttime bursts in 105 kms when the road was straight and by 11.05 the bus stopped in a hotel at Ulundurpettai. And by 11.20 the bus started again and now the other driver took the wheel. The driver was very rash and faster than Babu.(Remember the Ist driver itself was driving at 100 km/hr). And by 04.02 pm we are at Tiruneveli (600 kms) vanarapettai and stopped for few mins for leak and now again Babu took the steering and he started his marathon and by 06.10 am I was dropped at nagercoil Vadacherry Bus stand.

So he are informations I collected during the trip.

1. The Bus and route costed SRM travels 1.10 crores.
2. The Bus gives 2.3 to 2.5 Kmpl Mileage
3. This 08.00 pm Multi axle and the 05.45 pm B7R both reach at same time in Trivandrum.
4. One passenger asked the senior driver at T.Veli how far is Nagercoil the driver cooly replied Nagercoil is 80 Kms and the bus will reach in 1 hour 15 mins.
5. SRM has ordered 6 more Multi axle buses.
6. There is daily competiton for SRM travels and KPN Travels (B9R Bangalore) from Nagercoil to tirumangalam and the driver smilingly says always we give up.
7. The senior driver is from Theni and his shift is 20 days continuous duty and 10 days off. He has the buspass so he can travel in their company bus itself to his hometown.
8. He also added though the salary is low (they also hold P.F) and Rs. 900 bata (dont know it for one week or one month)the Company is stressfree and the Management dont squeeze the drivers.
9. The SRM Multiaxle is a Big Hit in Chennai-TVM route as it is running 90 % occupany from Che-TVM and 95 to 100% occupancy in return direction.
10. He also added there are more regular travellers than new passengers (many malayali and nagercoil passengers had a little chat with the drivers and cleaner then only getting to their seat) in this Bus and said once the passenger used our Bus he no longer tries the other Bus they dont even willing to take the 05.45 volvo (Mark II) and even ready to sit in the codrivers seat and also even asked for the drivers bed in the last.
11. The toll they pay is Rs.3050 for a trip.
12. They give 500 ml waterbottles and a magazine to read.
13. The seats are allotted in Quota. Trivandrum 22 seats, Nagercoil-8 seats, Marthandam-7 seats, Tirunelvei-7 seats.
14. The fare is Rs. 850 from Chennai to Nagercoil (DEFINITELY WORTH)

On return trip the bus reached 09.00 pm at Nagercoil (Actual time is 08.45 pm) and had a dinner break upto 09.30 reached Tirunelveli at 10.50 pm had a small halt at Samayapuram (Trichy) at 03.00 am and finally reached chennai guindy at 07.40 am.

And during the Onward Journey there is one bad incident waited for us....



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Chennai Trivandrum

The Buses plying from Chennai to trivandrum are
1. SRM VOLVO Mark - II 05.45 pm Koyambedu 07.00 Pm Trivandrum
Travelled thrice-Bus maintenance Good, Punctuality-Average, Staff-Good

2. Rathimeena 9400 07.15 pm Koyambedu 08.30 Pm Trivandrum
Travelled once-Bus Maintenace Good, Punctuality-Good, Staff-Average

3. SRM Multi axle - 08.00 pm Koyambedu 07.30 Am Trivandrum
Travelled twice-Bus Mainteance Good, Punctuality-Good, Staff-Good

4. SRM semisleeper A/C - 03.45 pm Koyambedu 06.30 Trivandrum
Didn't travelled

5. SETC tamilnadu 13.30, 17.15, 20.15, 21.30 from Koyambedu Journey approx. 16 hours
Travelled once Chennai to Nagercoil
Bus Maintenance - Bad, Punctuality-Very Bad, Staff- Very Very Bad

6. Parveen travels Mercedes benz Multi axle-08.00 pm Koyambedu reach time-unknown
launched from 1st June 2010.