Wake-Fit mattress In Delhi?


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Hi guys,

I recently moved to Delhi from Mumbai and I wanted to buy a new mattress for my new home. I have been looking for Wake-Fit mattresses as I was using one of their mattresses in my rented house in Mumbai. I checked online for some Wake-fit mattresses I found in this website (WakeFit Mattress Review – Are They Worth A Buy? - November Culture). I was wondering if there are any good Wake-Fit mattresses stores in Delhi from where I could buy their mattress. If possible, you could suggest mattresses from some other brands as well. I am looking for a memory foam mattress that is medium firm.
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I have been hearing and seeing a lot about this Flo mattress. Looks good to me and I am kind of thinking of getting one.

Has anybody else here tried it?


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Been using this mattress for more than 3 years now. I think, if brought from their website, they also offer a 100 day replacement/ return too.

Its good mattress. Can go for it.
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I need a new bed...been in my mind a long time. So maybe foam is the way to go. ...Good to know there can't be any dust mites or whatever in it too.


Have you bought a new mattress? I struggle lower back pain and I was suggested to buy a good mattress. I have back issues for a long time. I'm taking meds almost constantly. But recently I noticed my health worsen. Canadian pharmacy website states that this can be side effects caused by the meds I take. When I addressed to a doc, he advised me to minimize the usage of meds, do exercises every day and improve my sleeping habits. What have you finally chosen?
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