Wandering the valleys of Kumaon


Just saying that it was a beautiful trip report with fantastic pictures would not do it justice, or to you, for that matter.

Your meandering - for that was what it was- is the stuff we dream of. And on a bike too, with the wind on your face and the mountains stretched out before you. May i offer my congratulations to you for having the courage to live your dreams and the live it as simply as the folk in the mountains-sharing their house, their food, their gossip. Yes, truely what you have done is remarkable. Yes, there are others too who have done the same, but your report was different. It was humble.

Thank you for sharing.

We had done a 23 day circuit of Kumaon and visited some of the places you did. It was a self drive- my wife and i and we did it during October 2019. I believe you said that you are not into the ashram stuff. I had the same belief too. But a 3 day stay at Narayan Ashram, doing nothing and bonding with the staff at the Ashram ( about 6 of them) was really very great. Let me leave you with a picture of the Milky way i took there: