Wanna Change my phone

hi friends its been too long tht ive been using Nokia 6280 but i think i should upgarde and i am looking for some gud new features in my new phone .. !!!
some features i am looking in for.!

1. Better Camera .. i have a 2mgp camera so need more as usually i turn to carry my phone on the trips thus it should work better than wht i have for now!
2. Support Real Player Formats.( 6280 does not)
3. Gud MEmory backup.
4. Should give a style statement and also should not be seen into everyones hands.

Shortlistings not yet decided but then cant afford more then 30k
plz suggest all tech Newtons !!


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Edit: I second N95, you might also want to take a look at N82.


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N82, although I'm personally skeptical of nokia's cams - the orig n95 cam sucked bigtime for 5mpx


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www.gsmarean.com... provides specifications & comparison for almost all the cell phones available in india...

Check for yourself...

BTW did you checked LG's latest "Viewty" or something...


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not viewty. some biker dude in another group was pretty disappointed. like hindi movies, only the promo video sizzles :D


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i have heard good reviews of sony ericsson xperia .dont know whether launched in india or not. check it out
grt info brothers anyone chacked the new N 96 it is grt a navigator can be handy at times and also a 5Mgp and many more good features i have a friend of mine carrying N95 the phone does not look appealing though wil check it again the 8Gb wala version. sony phones are gud for pics and music but then they dont last heavy rainfall my stupid 6280 had done it a number of times thus i trust Nokia more but yes i will surely check out the phones mentioned brother
Thanks for the input .. :)


Reviving the topic, i am looking for a new phone, budget max 6K, features MP cam, Music Player, FM extendable memory, Bluetooth. Any pointers? No SE plz.. I have Nokia 3500c, 3110c, 5300, RIZR Z3 confused, suggestions plz...